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Is This a Real Fairy ? X-ray And DNA Testing Confirmed That It Is Not An Earth Species

Scholars have conducted multiple experiments on this mysterious, goblin-like creature, and the so-called Metepec Hybrid has also brought fascinating research.The DNA sequence of this enigmatic organism is composed of five molecular organisms from different regions of the world. laboratory As analyzed, the results show that both its mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA are different from the current any known Species Neither match.

Sometimes it always feels that the real world is even more curious than the novel.

While traveling in Mexico with LAMarzulli, Richard Shaw met Mr. Jaime Maussan, one of the most famous Hispanic American UFO researchers.

As soon as they met, Mr. Mausan revealed to the two of them an amazing creature, strangely like a fairy in the legend.

Shaw and Marzulli said that they have been waiting for years to present this discovery to the world.Thousands of hopes, in the new episode of Watchers10, they are finally able to reveal the fascinating research results of this “real creature”, many people believe that this will change history forever.

Simply put, you have to see this creature with your own eyes to believe that it really exists.Even though many villagers still think this is another scam on the Internet, X-ray scans and DNA sequences are clarifying our doubts. The terrifying truth behind this mysterious creature mystery is a fairy in myth.

Ricardo Rangel Ph.D. is a researcher who conducted DNA testing on this mysterious creature and the Metepec hybrid. He said that the DNA sequence of this creature was analyzed by five molecular biology laboratories in different regions of the world; everyone Unexpected, and generally available data point out that its DNA is as high as 98.5% similar to humans.

Ricardo Rangel further explained:

“The basic feature of Metepec creatures is their legs and feet. However, this mysterious creature has a completely different feature: wings. After we get its X-ray image, we can clearly see its skeleton structure.”

“No, this is by no means a silly joke. It was not made with a model. We took tissue samples of this organism and sent them to the DNA molecular laboratory for research. They tried to sequence its DNA, but they couldn’t find any. Mammals or other creatures can be matched with it.”

The results of the study show that neither its mitochondrial DNA nor nuclear DNA is consistent with any species currently known on earth.

According to Mr. Jaime Mausan, the Metepec creature is most likely a “hybrid”; and another creature, the one that is similar to the elves we know well, may also be a hybrid of two other creatures.

Jaime Mausan said: “This is inevitable, because I think these organisms are laboratory products, but what kind of experiment is it? Why do you want to carry out this kind of experiment? I don’t know. However, we have real objects in our hands. , We can analyze and prove that there is some kind of secret behind this experiment??”

LAMarzulli said:

“Will these creatures come from Revelation What about the bottomless pit mentioned in Chapter 9; locusts come out of the smoke and fly to the ground; power is given to them, just like the power of a scorpion on the ground, and they are told not to harm the grass and all green things on the ground , And all trees, only to hurt people who don’t have the mark of God on their foreheads.But the locusts were not allowed to kill them, only to suffer them for five months. Source:

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