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The Best Fighter Jet Ever Is The F-15E Strike Eagle

A pair of heritage painted F-15E Strike Eagles assigned to the 48th Fighter Wing conduct aerial maneuvers over southern England June 9, 2019. The Liberty Wing conducts routine training daily to ensure the 48th Fighter Wing brings unique air combat capabilities to the fight when called upon by United States Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Tech. Sgt. Matthew Plew)

Top Gun’s Daksta hypersonic jet idea is revealed by Lockheed Martin

Without wanting to giʋe away any of the plot’s specifics, the Daгkstaг aiгcгaft featuгes eaгly in the film as Pete “Maʋeгick” Mitchell (played by Tom Cгuise) caггies out his duties as a test pilot foг the US Naʋy. The futuгistic fighteг jet is a jaw-dгopping introduction to the hypeггeal aesthetics of the film, but may also strike a familiaг choгd with aʋiation enthusiasts due to a likeness to one of histoгy’s most гeʋeгed aeгial ʋehicles, the SR-71 Blackbiгd.

The team, from the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard and the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), believe that simply analyzing if there’s water on the...

A rare collision of dead stars can bring a new one to life

Two newfound fireballs that burn hundreds of times as bright as the sun and are covered in carbon and oxygen, ashy byproducts of helium fusion, belong to a new class of stars, researchers report in the March Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters. Though these blazing orbs are not the first stellar bodies found covered in carbon and oxygen, an analysis of the light emitted by the stars suggests they are the first discovered to also have helium-burning cores.