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WOW I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Cigar Shaped UFO Virginia Beach

I’m pretty sure that your seeing this UFO sighting for the first time as well as I did and your reaction is probably “more than likely” just the same as my reaction was? I can’t find anything that dismisses it or even suggests that it’s a hoax or that it’s been faked by anyone? So for me, and for now at least it’s real until proven otherwise.


Credit: LUFOS YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting’s Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

It comes in from the right screaming across the street (and 8nto the screen) but it’s traveling just over people’s homes and it’s not that far off the ground – especially in terms of normal UFO sighting’s which are generally either hovering high up or flying high up in the sky? I’m not sure how fast it’s going but it’s definitely flying fast, like screetching past the camera. It’s actually caught on a GoPro CCTV camera according to the YouTube video description and it all unfolded just near the Virginia Beach in the US. Which, I think it’s my second UFO sighting from this specific area?

It was caught on camera on the 21st January in 2021. It’s a cigar shaped UFO and it’s lit up just like a solid light with what looks like “fins” or steering panels? I think there’s a chance that these steering panels or fins maybe? Maybe it’s something to do with the way it travels either with steering sideways or even up and down? I’ll admit though guy’s, I saw this and I absolutely love it! It looks real, the way it flies into the screen from the right to the left.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

Sometimes I finish writing about a UFO and instantly I’m sent another UFO sighting? Don’t get me wrong though I thoroughly enjoy writing about UFOs and especially when it’s never been seen before? I’m just like the next person, I love bringing you never before seen UFO footage. I don’t think many people have seen this specific UFO sighting before, it’s been on YouTube for a while now but it hasn’t got a lot of views.

This UFO was caught on tape with GoPro Hero 8 Black 4K Nightlapse on 31st January 2021 at 0:35 am over Virginia Beach.


Views isn’t what drives me, it’s bringing relatively unknown UFOs or unknown all together. So, following on from that, if you have a UFO sighting that you was lucky enough to film or photograph, then please by all means you can send it to me and I’ll either write a blog post about it with your statement and or eye witness testimony and hopefully bring it into Ufology so that history knows what happened in that area at that time and date.

Here’s the brilliant cigar shaped UFO sighting that was caught flying over Virginia Beach in the US, uploaded to LUFOS YouTube channel:

If you have any thoughts or suggestions and opinions on what is in this awesome UFO video, please share it with us all in the comments section below, cheers. Also if you know anyone who would appreciate this post please share it with them, thanks.

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