World Elites and Extraterrestrials went to Antarctica for a secret meeting? (VIDEO) – Icestech

World Elites and Extraterrestrials went to Antarctica for a secret meeting? (VIDEO)

Recently the news has emerged that world elites (also known as cabal) went to Antarctica for a secret meeting.

Secret Meeting Of World Elites And Extraterrestrials In Antarctica?

We know from public tweets that Claus Schwab, founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum, and Cristina Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, attended a secret meeting in Antarctica.

Two others present were Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz, respectively president and technical director of Ripple Labs, a computer software company specializing in online payment systems.

The four tweets from the aforementioned elites began with Lagarde’s tweet in July 2021. That she was going to attend a meeting in Antarctica, has generated much speculation.

Elena received responses from Thor Han Eredyon, a commander of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and from Oona, of the Intergalactic Confederation (also known as the Guardians).

The responses were surprising, here is all the information.

“It appears that a major turning point has been reached. And world elites have been summoned to Antarctica to meet with a delegation of extraterrestrial races and leaders of the Earth Alliance to negotiate the terms of their surrender.”

“Antarctica was chosen for the meeting because it contains a portal that can transport global elites to a distant world in another galaxy where they will be well provided but banished forever.”

“Before leaving for the new world, however, they must first help the global financial system transition, and undo much of the black magic that has been cast to keep humanity and Earth itself in bondage.”

This negotiated surrender and the departure of the cabal signal that an incredible new time is coming as the world transitions to new financial, political, health, and energy systems that will revolutionize life.

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