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Why didn’t the ancient aliens come back? Did they really leave?

Many people are curious as to why they haven’t returned. Or did they really leave? Many individuals now think that ancient astronauts from other worlds visited mankind in the past. There is much evidence to support this idea, including monolithic buildings such as pyramids that are difficult to imagine were constructed using just archaic methods. If one believes that extraterrestrial entities visited ancient humans and that these beings exposed themselves to humanity and even imparted engineering knowledge and methods, the issue becomes: why haven’t the ancient aliens returned?

Why were the visits stopped? All of the ancient astronaut evidence that exists now is at least 2,000 years old. There are many hypotheses that may account for this: Desire not to interfere anymore?

This is, in many ways, the most appealing of all the ideas about why there haven’t been more extraterrestrial visits – and it’s probably the one we want to believe. According to this idea, ancient astronauts are now watching us from afar, thinking that closer contact would be harmful to our evolution as a species. If this hypothesis is true, it’s possible that the aim is for us to restore communication after we’ve accomplished some technical objective, such as harnessing fusion energy or creating faster-than-light travel. Civilizations themselves have been annihilated.

Given our own experience with cataclysmic-level conflicts over the last century, it’s not difficult to assume that comparable conflict issues coupled with deadly weaponry exist in other worlds. As a result, it’s not unlikely that the civilizations to which our ancient astronauts belonged were destroyed as a result of a terrible conflict. Time and distance.  If we believe that aliens have visited humanity in the past, we must also assume that the creatures in issue are capable of traveling faster than light. We know much too much about the planets in our neighborhood for the creatures in issue to have originated there, therefore they must have originated elsewhere. The ship’s technology must enable them to move extremely fast in order for this trip to be accomplished in an acceptable amount of time by human standards. However, we may not completely comprehend the elapsed periods and distances.

Perhaps the creatures in question ruled everlasting or near-eternal existence a long time ago, thus the time since they last visited us is seen as a very brief period of time for them. We just don’t know what we don’t know in this situation. However, some theories pose the following question: Is it true that they’ve left?… According to mythology, ancient gods emerged from under the Earth to aid civilizations in their growth. What if a group of ancient alien visitors sought shelter underground after a disaster on the earth (a comet’s impact or an old war)? It’s essential to remember this since they may have always been with us.


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