Why Did The Concubines Who Were Sαcrificed In Ancient Times Have Their Legs “break Apαrt”?What Have They Experienced?

Ancient China has a custom called burial , which is one of the most brutal customs of ancient times. When the emperor died, he was buried with many others, some buried alive but also a part killed or killed before being buried. The mourning has occurred since the Zhou Dynasty and ended during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty.

Of course, any woman who is cremated will be extremely pitiful. No matter how noble their former status, whether or not the concubine was favored by the emperor, at the moment of facing death, they were very tragic. Because in feudal dynasties, the woman could not decide for herself.

From the Han Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty, funeral rarely took place. In Cao Wei’s period, before his death, Cao Cao instructed his concubines to not burial with him, if they wanted to remarry, they would remarry. Civilized sayings like these are very rare in history.

However, by the time of the Ming Dynasty, the funeral process had once again reached its climax. From the reign of Minh Thai To Chu Nguyen Chuong to Minh Tuyen Tong Chu Chiem Co had to apply the funeral procession to those living in the palace. It was not until Minh Anh Tong Chu Ky Tran came to power that he abolished the royal burial regime.

In the reign of Qin Shi Huang, the funeral process has reached its peak cruelty. Archaeologists have found a large number of women’s remains in the tomb of Qin Shi Huang. They determined that these were all the remains of concubines concealed with the Emperor Qin.

The most special thing is that the leg bones of most female remains are not closed. What did these concubines experience before they died and their legs could not straighten?

The burial archers had desperately struggled desperately, eventually dying from lack of oxygen.

After a period of research, scientists have found the cause of that problem. The oxygen in the catacombs is very low . When the soldiers finished sealing the tomb’s door, the people inside had only one dead road.

In such a terrifying environment, the burial archers had to risk their lives struggling in despair, crying in pain and finally dying from lack of oxygen . Therefore, the corpses of these women after death had a very strange posture, or twisted squirming, or limbs can not close or straighten as usual. But no matter what, one thing is for sure: they have experienced extreme fear.

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