Meet The Man Who Cuddles Lions 

Lions, tigers, and leopards are animals that we humans consider as ferocious. Most of us won’t even dare to go near one. Although the mere appearance of these creatures is astounding, they are not the type of animals for us to be around.

We prefer to enjoy the beauty of these carnivores from a safe distance where they can’t harm us. But there are those who are bold enough to associate with lions, tigers, and leopards.

Armand Gerber and his wife Beatrice are two such brave humans. The couple spends most of their time with ferocious wildcats in the world.

They manage the Iron Throne Predator and Wildlife Park in South Africa. It is a 200 acres sanctuary consisting of ten lions, two leopards three tigers, and a cheetah. These big cats are living a good life among other rescued wild animals.

All the animals in the sanctuary are captive-born ones who have finally arrived at their forever home. Just like our pet cats and dogs, these wild felines also love to be cuddled.

If someone asked you to cuddle a lion or a tiger, you would most probably say “hell no”, but Armand is no ordinary human. He cuddles these animals every day allowing the animals to play with him all day long.

Armand does realize that there is a huge risk involved in working with top predators, but he does this for a living and he loves and trusts these creatures. Some people think that he is crazy and that he is testing his fate by cuddling and playing with these large beastly animals.

However, Armand considers himself fortunate for being given the opportunity to work and love these animals. According to him, you have to maintain your concentration and respect, and not do stupid things when handling lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs.

There are also times when this human gets scratched and bitten. Although the leopards are his favorite, he considers all these wild felines as his own family.

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