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US Is Testing Monster Aircraft Carrier Shocked Russia And China

It’s not a toy boat like Moskva, but I don’t deny ,In a full scale war it can be destroy but after destroying the 40% of hostile Navy

You can say what you want plus the US military equipment and totally different from the others, I like to see the equipment. That’s why China and Russia are jealous of the Americans, they try to do the same, but the Americans will never reach perfection to develop their equipment.

It is only arrogance due to its high cost, it is already a glory of the past. They are easily visible from space in all their visual, final, and electromagnetic forms. They can also be destroyed from space only by hypersonic weapons and high kinetic energy.

This aircraft carrier is equipped with a very sophisticated electronic device called Sazzescanner which is used to find

The reader of American political and mil itary history in a good way makes it clear to him that America lives on the art of propaganda, lies and myths most of its life and promotes it professionally around the world….but on the ground, they are weaker and easier than a spider web….Most of them are blinded by conspiracies, mercenaries and traitors who use them For her own purposes, she then liquidates them and attributes the victory to her legendary courage and strength….etc. Therefore, this video is included in those legendary programs and media propaganda, and she knows very well the reality of the reality that exists on the

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