Unravel the enigma of the odd newborn shark with the startling “human face”

He was totally baffled by what he found after he caught a female shark in Batupuluh waters near the Pepela Rote Timur Naval Post on Saturday night.

Abdulah recounts that that night he captured the shark without even imagining that she was a pregnant female. When he opened it the next morning, he found three babies that had been growing inside it. Two of them were normal, but when he closely examined the third, he immediately lost his breath.

He had an obvious malformation that shocks anyone

The strange-looking hatchling had a disconcerting expression, as well as funny at the same time. And his gaze was very penetrating, to the point that it could resemble that of a human.

Since the man told his neighbors about the impressive find, the news of the rare human-like creature spread like wildfire. And in a matter of hours all the residents decided to go to Abdulah’s house to meet the little shark in person, which soon became the sensation of the town.

When Abdulah moved his jaw the little baby seemed to even give him a smile.

Everyone began to take thousands of photos and record videos, both of the body and of the animal’s head and face, which have gone viral on social media.

Some even wanted to buy the baby shark body from the fisherman, but for the fisherman that was non-negotiable. He preferred to keep it because he deeply believes that it was a gift from fate, and it will bring him the luck that he needs so much.

In the videos you can see that the baby has large, very rounded and deep eyes, a triangular face, without a nose, and an adorable mouth with an eternal smiling gesture that makes you fall in love.

Some consider that more than “human face”, it resembles a ninja turtle; others judge that it is identical to the doll of the Michelin tires.

But it is undoubtedly the closest thing to the popular cartoon that all children love: Baby Shark.


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In 2011, a fetus of a cyclops shark was discovered inside the body of a female shark trapped in Mexico, with no discernible nose and one giant eye.

But this specimen from Indonesia is a unique case because it would be a partial cyclopia. This was confirmed by David Fishman, a Navy research scientist, in a local newspaper.

Cyclopia is a congenital malformation characterized by the presence of a single facial orbit or «pseudo-orbit», product of the failed division of the orbital cavity into two orbits in the forebrain during the development phase of the embryo. It can occur in animals or humans.

Researchers believe that they are not capable of surviving long in the wild. They assume, without a doubt, that they are quite a rarity.

Don’t leave without sharing this awesome find with your friends. Remember that all animals deserve to be respected, I wish this mother had been spared to see her little ones born.

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