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Ukrainian Soldiers complete training with the Poseidon H10 and H6 UAVs: What are the capabilities of these machines?

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are getting a new type of unmanned aerial vehicles. Here, soldiers have recently completed their training with the Poseidon H10 and H6 UAVs.

According to the preliminary information, the new drones worth more than 703,000 Euros will be assigned to the 26th brigade and the 120th separate reconnaissance battalion. They will be primarily used against the invading Russian Armed Forces.

According to an earlier announcement, the medium-range Poseidon drones are manufactured by Swarmly Ltd, a company residing in Cyprus. These machines are specialized in conducting reconnaissance missions, and can also be used to direct and adjust artillery shots over larger distances.

Poseidon H10 uses one main electric motor to sustain flight, coupled with four smaller motors for increased mobility and agility. Qualified operators need only about ten minutes to fully prepare H10 for operation. The drone is rather compact and can be transported on a pickup truck or any equivalent vehicle.

This model is equipped with high-quality cameras capable of 40x optical zoom for reconnaissance purposes, when it is required to observe targets or other objects from a long distance. Poseidon H10 is designed to ensure low acoustic and thermal signature, increasing its ability to avoid enemy radars and thermal imaging equipment.

Here are the main characteristics of the Poseidon H10 UAV:

Length: 1.9mWing area: 100 dm²Wingspan: 3.5 mMaximum flight altitude: 4 kmMaximum hang time: 15 minutesMaximum flight time: 2 hoursFlight range: 150 kmCruise speed: 75 km/hMaximum speed: 100 km/hEVLOS satellite communication range: 50 kmDive speed: 50 km/hMaximum takeoff weight: 22 kgMaximum load capacity: 3 kg

The second model – Poseidon H6 – is considerably larger than H10. Technically, this model is older but has certain features that make it unique among other UAVs. H6 is able to carry eight times more payload compared to a newer model and can cover 5-6 times longer distances while flying at higher velocity. The maximum flight time is 7 hours, which is 3.5 times more compared to H10.

Poseidon H6 uses a fixed wing and is equipped with a two-stroke petrol-electric engine with a pusher propeller and four smaller engines for vertical takeoff. Like the H10, this design is optimized for faster takeoffs and also ensures safer landing on the ground or water.

Characteristics of the Poseidon H6 UAV:

Length: 3.4mWing area: 312 dm²Wingspan: 5 mMaximum flight altitude: 4 kmMaximum flight time: 7 hoursMaximum hang time: 2.5 minutesFlight range: 850 kmCruise speed: 110 km/hMaximum speed: 150 km/hEVLOS satellite communication range: 150 kmDive speed: 60 km/hMaximum load capacity: 25kg

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