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UFO sighting over Utah: Bizarre light formation is ‘cloaked alien craft’ claims ET hunter

The supposed encounter with an alien UFO was caught on camera on June 14 this year in the city of Lehi, Utah County. Two video clips filmed by Jason Gustavson appear to show a formation of four bright lights travelling in a straight line over a busy road. The videos were spliced together and posted online by the YouTube channel UFO Institute.

A very brief statement shared under the clip reads: “Hey ya’ll I’m in Lehi Utah west and south of Skinwalker and I saw these up in the air anybody else seen these?”

A man can be heard in the video saying: “No way, this is a UFO.”

A voice is also later heard asking: “What the hell is that?”

Although naysayers would be right to tick off the most plausible explanations that come to mind – drones or aircraft – conspiracy theories have proposed a much more radical theory: a cloaked alien spacecraft.

UFO sighting: These mystery lights were filmed in the skies over Lehi, Utah, in the US (Image: UFO INSTITUTE)

UFO sighting: A man is heard in the video calling the lights a UFO (Image: UFO INSTITUTE)

The outrageous claim was put forward by Scott C Waring, a self-titled UFO expert and host of the blog UFOSightingsDaily.com.

Mr Waring is a staunch believer in extraterrestrial phenomena and is convinced aliens are living among us, hidden in plain sight.

He has previously called on SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk to retrieve from the Moon what he believes is the carcass of a crashed UFO.

The conspiracy theorist has also claimed to have found evidence of ET activity on Mars in pictures snapped by NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

Commenting on the Utah UFO on his blog, Mr Waring bizarrely claimed the four lights are indicative of a single alien craft using some sort of cloaking technology.

He said: “Wow this video is amazing! Those lights in the sky remind me of the famous Phoenix Lights UFO incident long ago.

“At first what I thought was a reflection from the street traffic lights turned into something more monumental.

“This is not four UFOs, but actually a single larger craft that is cloaked from view… however sometimes the propulsion systems are visible and sometimes the ship itself becomes visible for a few seconds to a few minutes during sunset.”

There is, of course, no real evidence to support the theory aliens are here and are watching us.

Mr Waring, however, is convinced aliens are here and possess superior technology to ours.

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