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UFO in The Antarctic Filmed from Helicopter (VIDEO)

Google Earth has been the indispensable tool for the discovery of secret underground bases in Antarctica . From the point of view of many researchers and ufologists.

These mysterious entrances could be extraterrestrial underground facilities. Beyond ordinary caves that were formed over time due to the harsh climatic conditions that govern in Antarctica.(UFO in Antarctica)

There are many conspiracy theorists and ufologists who claim that Antarctica is a hot spot for extraterrestrial activity. And now, a mysterious object has been discovered on a remote island in Antarctica . For experts in the field there is no doubt, it is a crashed UFO.

Another UFO in Antarctica

The unidentified object was discovered in remote San Pedro Island (South Georgia), located in the South Atlantic. A British overseas territory with only a population of 20 inhabitants. The video of the astonishing discovery was published by the controversial YouTube channel Secureteam10. Which describes itself as “exposing the extraterrestrial cover-up.”

Tyler Glockner, responsible for Secureteam10, discovered the mysterious object using satellite images from Google Earth. And zoomed in to closely observe Mount Paget, at almost 3,000 meters altitude. It seems that the mysterious object slipped through the snow for a considerable distance before stopping. As there is also a strange trace behind the mysterious object.(UFO in Antarctica)

The video, entitled “WHAT Crash Landed Over The Antarctic? (What crashed on Antarctica? “ Was published on March 3, 2018 and since then it has been viewed more than 600,000 times). The strange object is found at the following coordinates: 54 ° 39’44.62″ S 36 ° 11 ’42 .47 “W.


After Glockner published the video on YouTube, thousands of Internet users wanted to give their opinion about it. For their part, conspiracy theorists say that without a doubt. It is a ship of extraterrestrial origin that crashed in remote San Pedro Island.

Others emerged that this area was the landing strip for UFOs. That there would surely be near access to a secret extraterrestrial b ase. However, the most skeptics showed very different opinions about it.

Richard Waller, professor of physical geography at Keele University in the UK, told the British newspaper Daily Mail. That the image actually represents an avalanche projecting a large block of ice sliding and rolling much farther than the rest of the snow collapsed. And the mysterious white object is simply a block of ice. This phenomenon is, frankly, quite common in Antarctica.

“I think this feature is related to a large avalanche of a nearby mountain ,” Waller told the Daily Mail. “Part of a hanging glacier seems to have collapsed. The avalanche remains can be seen at the foot of the slope. And This could be a large block of rock or ice that, as a consequence, has traveled further. The track shows that it slides on a snow-covered glacier before it stops. “

According to public the British tabloid The Sun, an exmilitar who had been on the island with the British Royal Navy also denied the extraterrestrial theory.

“The research station on the island asked us to carry out a photographic survey throughout the area to document the population and the locations of the reindeer,” said the ex-military candidate. “As a photographer in that recognition, I can confirm one hundred percent. That what you see in the image is only the result of a glacial slide. I am sorry.”

As we can see, there seems to be an interest of the main media to disprove this new mystery in Antarctica. And what they are getting is the opposite effect. That conspiracy theorists and ufologists defend much more the extraterrestrial theory and assure. That the big media are part of an extraterrestrial concealment.

What do you think of the image? Is it a starry alien ship? Or do you believe the version of the skeptics, which is a large block of collapsed ice? It’s up to you.

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