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Stanford Professor Found Out That UFO Encounters Damaged Pilots’ Brain & Analyzed UAP Materials

In the 60 years of UFO encounters, very little research has been conducted to discuss the nature of this phenomenon scientifically. When others called the UFO encounters a hoax, Dr. Jacques Vallée took a stand and provided a convincible explanation for them. Like him, Dr. Gary Nolan, a Stanford microbiologist spent the last ten years working with a number of individuals analyzing materials from the alleged UFO Phenomenon.

Stanford Professor Found Out That UFO Encounters Damaged Pilots’ Brain & Analyzed UAP Materials
Stanford Professor Found Out That UFO Encounters Damaged Pilots’ Brain & Analyzed UAP Materials

Dr. Nolan is the person who proved that the 6-inch Atacama skeleton was not an alien but a premature human. He has published over 300 research articles and is the holder of 40 US patents. Besides, he has been honored as one of the top 25 inventors at Stanford University. So, his involvement in the UFOlogy would bring some factful things to the field.

Nolan admitted to being fond of science-fiction and watched UFO videos on social media. After he published his research, “Whole-genome sequencing of Atacama skeleton shows novel mutations linked with dysplasia,” he was approached by the CIA and some aeronautics corporations. He said that the agency had been investigating the UAP and UFO encounters of the pilot and needed his help.

UFO Encounters Damaged Pilots’ Brain

Dr. Garry Nolan has spent the past decade analyzing materials from alleged Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.
They wanted Dr. Nolan to analyze the blood of the victims as they were told that he got the best blood analysis instrumentation on the planet. Then the CIA people showed him the MRIs of some of the victims and he clearly found the problem.

Stanford Professor Found Out That UFO Encounters Damaged Pilots’ Brain & Analyzed UAP Materials
Stanford Professor Found Out That UFO Encounters Damaged Pilots’ Brain & Analyzed UAP Materials

He said: “Then they started showing the MRIs of some of these pilots and ground personnel and intelligence agents who had been damaged. The MRIs were clear. You didn’t even have to be an MD to see that there was a problem. Some of their brains were horribly, horribly damaged. And so that’s what kind of got me involved.”

Dr. Nolan explained that most of the victims were defense or governmental personnel or people working in the aerospace industry. After their UAP/ UFO encounters, they all got damaged or hurt such as buzz noises in their head, got sick, etc. Most of them have had similar kinds of bad things. He showed the MRIs of some people that revealed damage in the middle of the basal ganglia – an area responsible for motor control and other core brain functions, including intuition.

Dr. Garry Nolan
“It’s a big white blob, or multiple white blobs, scattered throughout the MRI,” Dr. Garry Nolan explained.

Dr. Nolan said the damage should have killed those people, yet they were alive. He obtained MRIs of some prior to their encounters and they had the damage, so they were most likely born with it. “These are all so-called high-functioning people. They’re pilots who are making split-second decisions, intelligence officers in the field, etc,” Dr. Nolan said.

Dr. Vallée said in one of his old interviews that he believes the UFOs manipulate the witness’ belief system. He claimed: “There was, in fact, a manipulation taking place and that it was not a hoax on the part of the witnesses but in hopes on the part of somebody much better organized so there possibly all of these levels going on simultaneously.”

Stanford Professor Found Out That UFO Encounters Damaged Pilots’ Brain & Analyzed UAP Materials
Stanford Professor Found Out That UFO Encounters Damaged Pilots’ Brain & Analyzed UAP Materials

Dr. Vallée suggested that the UFO phenomenon can be studied in six layers of information that can potentially lead to breakthroughs in physics:

Level 1: Physical
Level 2: Anti-Physical
Level 3: Phycological
Level 4: Physiological
Level 5: Psychic
Level 6: Cultural

According to Dr. Nolan, 25 percent of the victims have died of UFO exposure. He found out that one of the patients who had an encounter on the Skinwalker Ranch damaged his brain extensively. He believed it could be more than just UAP, suggesting a weapon or a massive electric transformer.

Next, he discussed the materials found at alleged UFO crash sites.

Dr. Nolan is said to have a good friendship with Jacques Vallée, Kit Green, Eric Davis, and Colm Kelleher. They all came to him to analyze the UAP materials after he had developed some wonderful instruments using mass spectrometry.

“Some of the objects are nondescript, and just lumps of metal. Mostly, there’s nothing unusual about them except that everywhere you look in the metal, the composition is different, which is odd. It’s what we call inhomogeneous. That’s a fancy way of saying ‘incompletely mixed.’

The common thing about all the materials that I’ve looked at so far, and there’s about a dozen, is that almost none of them are uniform. They’re all these hodgepodge mixtures. Each individual case will be composed of a similar set of elements, but they will be inhomogeneous,” he explained.

Dr. Nolan found out that some of the fragments from the so-called UFO crash in Brazil have extraordinarily altered isotope ratios of magnesium. He explained:

“It was interesting because another piece from the same event was analyzed in the same instrument at the same time. This is an extraordinarily sensitive instrument called a nanoSIMS – Secondary Ion Mass Spec. It had perfectly correct isotope ratios for what you would expect for magnesium found anywhere on Earth. Meanwhile, the other one was just way off. Like 30 percent off the ratios. The problem is there’s no good reason humans have for altering the isotope ratios of a simple metal like magnesium. There’s no different properties of the different isotopes, that anybody, at least in any of the literature that is public of the hundreds of thousands of papers published, that says this is why you would do that. Now you can do it. It’s a little expensive to do, but you’d have no reason for doing it.”

Dr. Vallée collected purported metal from the UFO cases dated back to 1947 and brought them to Stanford University for analysis. Dr. Gary Nolan, a Stanford microbiologist analyzed the 3-D atomic structure of the unknown metal with a state-of-the-art Multiparameter Ion Beam Imager (MIBI) capable of discerning the precise composition of matter at the level of its isotopes.

The result might be shocking for non-believers as when he put the sample in the vacuum chamber of the machine, he found out that their composition was unlike any other known metal on Earth.

“If you’re talking about an advanced material from an advanced civilization you’re talking about something that I’ll just call it an ultra material right it’s something which has properties where somebody is putting it together again at the atomic scale so we’re building our world with 80 elements somebody else is building the world with 253 different isotopes,” Dr. Nolan said.

Could humans be altering the isotopes in these strange objects for unknown purposes? Nolon speculates that is possible, but proving it requires getting down to the atomic level, possibly with a super quantum interference device (SQUID), but neither his budget nor the budgets of the groups analyzing UAP/ UFO encounters have that kind of funding yet.

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Stanford Professor Found Out That UFO Encounters Damaged Pilots’ Brain & Analyzed UAP Materials


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