UFO Detected hovering over Kyiv in Ukraine after mysterious attack on Russian military – Icestech

UFO Detected hovering over Kyiv in Ukraine after mysterious attack on Russian military

He claimed that it could be a “white long tic tac UFO” that he saw on March 5. Waring wrote that the raw footage was of an “unknown craft over Kyiv, Ukraine,” and that the object was hovering low. After that it apparently shot up at an angle and then across the Ukrainian city to shoot up and then down again. He found it to be “very odd behavior of an aircraft, but then again it’s war, so it could be anything.”

But he also wrote that he distinctly remembers that “during the Fukushima, Japan there was a nuclear reactor leak and a news video taken which accidentally caught a white long tic tac UFO flying low and slow over the reactor.” He thinks “this may be there for the same reason,” and according to him, a reactor leak not only causes harm to the humans below “but makes it unusable to aliens too for thousands of years.” Going by his observations, he shared that the object that he spotted in Ukraine “has all the signs of being a UFO.”

It is likely that what he saw was a military aircraft or one of the missiles being fired by Russian troops, reported Daily Star. This comes just days after Ukrainian soldiers were allegedly saved by a UFO. Latin Times recently reported that a UFO is said to have saved Ukrainian troops from Russian tanks in a miracle lightning attack.

During an episode of “The Global Lane” on CBN News, CBN Ukraine Director Kostyantine Lytvynenko said that he believes his fellow countrymen are experiencing some divine intervention amid the ongoing war with Russia. Lytvynenko explained that one of his countrymen called up his father from the frontline, and that the son was terrified as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces approached. The father prayed for help with members of his church, and the help eventually came from out of this world.

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