U.S. Forest Service grounds Chinooks for inspections

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Posted On October 28, 2022

U.S. Forest Service grounds Chinooks for inspections

The U.S. Forest Service temporarily grounded its fleet of 12 Contracted Boeing CH-47 Chinooks this week, following the U.S. Army’s decision to do so earlier this week.

The Army grounded its fleet of about 400 Chinooks after several engine fires had been traced to faulty O-rings installed on the type’s T55 engines.

The USFS has temporarily grounded its fleet of contracted Boeing CH-47 Chinooks.

“Safety is the highest priority in all USDA Forest Service aviation operations,” Michelle Burnett, USFS National Press Officer (Acting) in a statement to Vertical on Sept. 1. “As this situation has been identified as a potentially significant safety of flight issue, on Aug. 31, we grounded the 12 contracted CH-47 Chinooks that are a part of our national fleet.

As of this morning [Sept 1], eight of the 12 CH-47s have completed their inspections and have returned to service. We expect to have the remainder of these necessary inspections completed soon and have all of these aircraft returned to service.”

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