What An Incredible Moment- Two Lioness Defend Leopard, Against Its Own Kind!

Filmed by spotlight safaris, this is what they said about what happened in the sighting:

A lioness originally chased the leopard under a large bush then called in others to help flush it out.

Finally, the male lion came in for the kill and there was a huge ruckus under the bush which ended with the lions chasing each other across the plains and the leopard walking out.
The lions then cornered the leopard again which is where this clip picks up. A leopard’s best line of defense is to lie on its back with its claws extended and teeth bared – which is what is happening here.

The leopard is still very much alive at the end of this clip but faking it in hopes that the lions will lose interest – which most of them did. However, not all of them…..

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