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Two Kittens Won’t Stop Cuddling The Policeman Who Saved Them!

So beautiful to see the kittens moving up to his face to cuddle with him.Such a kind loving man. ❤️🐾😘😺

The Officer’s home welcomes two kitten siblings with special names: TJ and Max.

When Officer Adkins was on his way to inv.estigate a the.ft at a store called TJ Maxx, he happened to pass by a woman’s car. She sought help from Officer Adkins because the str.ay kitten siblings were behind her bumper.

The woman is confused as to how they got into her car. Adkins gently brought out one by one the two kittens. Luckily, they were not


That day, Adkins received two cats and the prestigious trophy of The South District Officer of the Year Award. What a lucky day for Officer Adkins.

Adkins left the Arlington Police Department to go to the veterinary hospital. Along the way, the 6-week-old couple kept snuggling into his heart. Adkins decided to adopt them. The vet assured Adkins that the kittens were healthy so he could take them home.

The cuddly couple, TJ and Max, is now living happily with Adkins and his family. They finally found a safe and peaceful home.

They deserve a happy life. Happy to hear that Adkins adopted both kittens. They can be together forever.

Thank you so much for being so kind and rescuing these precious little kittens. Wish everyone would be so caring. What a great world this would be.

God bless you Officer Adkins for taking these precious babies into your heart and home. Perfect naming for them too. May you and your family have many happy years with TJ and Max. 💖💖💖🐾🐾


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