The Mysteries of Tutankhamun’s Cursєd Trumpet, Which Brings Wαr Every Time It’s Played. – Icestech

The Mysteries of Tutankhamun’s Cursєd Trumpet, Which Brings Wαr Every Time It’s Played.

American archaeologist Howard Carter, discoverer of the Golden Pharaoh’s tomb, found a silver military trumpet in a colored wooden box, as well as two war trumpets in the tomb. One of the war trumpets was made of gold, while the other was made of silver and bronze and decorated with lotus flowers and Egyptian gods.
Hala Hassan, curator of the Tutankhamun collection at the Egyptian Museum, has said that the bronze trumpet has “magical powers” and that “whenever someone blows into it a war occurs”.

The trumpets have been very rarely played since Howard Carter opened Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.

Silent for over 3,000 years, the instruments were played before a live radio audience of up to 150 million through a worldwide BBC broadcast in 1939.

Five minutes before air, the electricity was cut off. Soon after, the electricity was back and the trumpet was used for five minutes continuously. An unexpected power failure blacked out lights across Cairo and the concert had to take place by candlelight.

Rex Keating, who presented the BBC broadcast, said that during rehearsals the silver trumpet cracked and Alfred Lucas, a member of Carter’s team who had restored the finds, was so distressed he needed to go to hospital.

Later that year, the world erupted in the bloodiest war in history.

The trumpets have only been played twice since. Once before the Arab-Israeli war of 1967 and then again immediately before the 1991 Gulf War broke out.

“A week before the revolution, during a documenting and photographing process, one of the museum’s staff had blown into it and a week after revolution broke out,” according to Ahram, Egypt’s leading newspaper.

“The same thing had happened before the 1967 war and prior to the 1991 gulf war, when a student was doing a comprehensive research on Tutankhamun’s collection.”

Unfortunately, during blowing the trumpet, the curse returned, and the trumpet broke. It was repaired, however, and the sound recording process succeeded. But months after the broadcast, World War II broke out.

The site went on to recount some of the mysteries associated with Tutankhamun’s trumpet. A curator of the Egyptian Museum tried to deny the idea that wars and disasters were called upon after the trumpet was used, considering it a myth.

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He blew the trumpet in 1967, and along came the 1967 war between the Arabs and Israel.

The English website then revealed that the sound of Tutankhamun’s trumpet could be heard through the audio guide of Tutankhamun located in London’s exhibition.

They added that Dr. Tariq al-Awadi told all visitors that they were on a safe visit to enjoy and witness the charm and beauty of the Golden King.

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