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Tunnel to ‘Underworld’ Found Beneath Mexican Pyramid

A Mysterious Tunnel Leading to the “Underworld” Was Discovered Beneath a Mexican Pyramid. Archaeologists discovered an underground passage beneath a pyramid in Teotihuacan , Mexico, that they believe was built to resemble the underworld. Electrical scans done in the old city revealed the length of the hidden tunnel.

Tunnel to ‘Underworld’ Found Beneath Mexican Pyramid
Tunnel to ‘Underworld’ Found Beneath Mexican Pyramid

Under a pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico, archaeologists discovered an underground tunnel that they believe was designed to resemble the underworld. Electrical investigations at the old city revealed the length of the enigmatic tunnel.

Tunnel to ‘Underworld’ Found Beneath Mexican Pyramid
Tunnel to ‘Underworld’ Found Beneath Mexican Pyramid

“The discovery demonstrates that Teotihuacan’s recreated the same pattern of tunnels linked with their huge constructions, whose function had to be the replication of the underworld,” said archaeologist Veronica Ortega, who was involved in the discovery.

The tunnel runs from the Pyramid of the Moon, the site’s second largest structure, to the central square and is hidden 10 meters (33 feet) into the ground.

Tunnel to ‘Underworld’ Found Beneath Mexican Pyramid
Tunnel to ‘Underworld’ Found Beneath Mexican Pyramid

“The tunnel’s purpose could have been to recreate the underworld, a world where life, animals, and vegetation first appeared. It’s probable that it was only utilized for rituals, as part of celebrations commemorating the agricultural seasons “Ortega stated. The next stage will be to send archaeologists into the tunnel to investigate it further. Researchers expect that, unlike a previous tunnel discovered at the location, the new tunnel has not been robbed.

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Teotihuacan (literally “the location where the gods were made”), located north of Mexico City, once had a population of about 125,000 people. Human bones at the site show that it was used for human sacrifices between the first and seventh centuries before being abandoned around 550 AD.

The tunnel was discovered in June, and details about it were published on Tuesday by researchers at Mexico City’s National Institute of Anthropology and History.


The history of the underworld

Some people say that the so-called underworld should have four characteristics. First, it should be rooted in the dark side of society, like moss under a rock; second, it can coordinate and communicate with the government, both ‘fight’ and ‘and’, not simply beat’. This is very important, the gangs who leave this point are at best robbers, not gangsters. Third, have their own armed forces. Finally, have their own purpose and beliefs.

Looking back on this standard, we will find that the history of the underworld is almost the same length as the history of Chinese letters. For example, the Momen in the pre-Qin era basically conformed to the form of the underworld, but it could only be regarded as the embryonic stage. Gangs in the true sense originated in the Han Dynasty. Emperor Wu of the Han practiced ‘salt and iron official camps’. Ironically, it is good to say that the court treated the salt, which the common people could not live without, as a monopoly item to make huge profits, which was really lacking. Germany.

As a result, a large number of smugglers were born, and they were engaged in beheading business. Naturally, they had to be organized and armed, and they also needed the support of officials and princes. The real gang appeared. Later, the monopoly of salt and iron was gradually released, and private capital was allowed to intervene. The underworld began to transform. The color of the gang became lighter and the business atmosphere became more and more serious. Finally, after a thousand years, Shanxi merchants and Hui merchants were born. Of course, this is a later story. .

However, these gangs roam between the upper classes and the rivers and lakes, and are far away from ordinary people. Therefore, there is still a big gap with the first definition of the underworld, which is rooted in the dark side of society. The underworld that really conforms to the current concept was born in the Tang Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, big cities such as Chang’an and Luoyang appeared, as well as the market class.

Compared with the countryside where farming and weaving are the industry and the people are pure and honest, the unrest factor is more likely to occur in the city. Including unemployed hired workers, run-down rogues, idlers, soldiers, entertainers, private prostitutes, beggars, homeless and other groups… These people are at the bottom of society, with low status, living in embarrassment, and are unwilling or unable to rely on selling their labor for a living, They engage in illegal activities, and there is an idiom ‘market rogue’, which refers to them. When this illegal activity becomes organized, the real underworld is born.


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