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Egyptologists Have Announced That The Lost Ancient Tomb Of Cleopatra Queen Has Been Found

With unimaginable wealth and power, Cleopatra was the greatest woman of an era and one of the most iconic figures of the ancient world.

“Cleopatra made great contributions to human knowledge and opened us to the world we have now,”. “Every time we see a professional woman — such as a doctor, a scientist or a philosopher — we should think of her.”

Cleopatra was queen at 18 years old, spoke nine languages, studied politics, economics and mathematics. At 21, she was in the Sinai desert, raising an army and plotting her return to the throne. Her brilliant manoeuvres won personal and strategic alliances with Caesar and Antony, changing the course of history. She wasn’t even Egyptian — she was a descendent of Macedonians known as the Ptolemies.

She was the fabled queen of ancient Egypt, immortalised over thousands of years as a beautiful seductress. But, despite her fame, Cleopatra’s tomb is one of the great unsolved mysteries.

Some believe she was buried in Alexandria, where she was born and ruled from her royal palace, a city decimated by the tsunami of 365AD. Others suggest her final resting place could be about 30 miles away, in the ancient temple of Taposiris Magna, built by her Ptolemaic ancestors on the Nile Delta.

The mystery behind Egyptian queen Cleopatra’s tomb is immense because nobody appears to know where she was buried. However, archeologists in Egypt are in all probability, close to cracking the code with respect to Cleopatra’s burial after two mummies of high-status individuals, who lived in her era, have been discovered at Taposiris Magna – a temple on the Nile delta.

Now two mummies of high-status individuals who lived at the time of Cleopatra have been uncovered at Taposiris Magna, a discovery that it is being described as “sensational” because it shows the importance of a necropolis that is being linked to her by the latest finds.

Considering that the mummies laid undisturbed for 2000 years, they are in a poor state of preservation as water seeped into the tomb, as per the Guardian.

How did archeologists establish the connection with Cleopatra?

“Crucial evidence” suggests that the mummies were covered with gold leaves. For the uninitiated, this luxury is provided to those belonging to the higher ranks of the society. As per archaeologists, these two individuals could most probably have interacted with Cleopatra, hence.

An X-ray of the mummies has been done and results suggest that one is a male and the other, a female. Apart from the mummies, 200 coins bearing Cleopatra’s name and her face have been discovered at the temple altar.

Excavations at Taposiris Magna are headed by Dr Kathleen Martínez, who, after working there for over 14 years, is more convinced than ever Cleopatra’s tomb will be found there. Only a tiny percentage of the vast site has been explored.

In the show, cameras film her as the burial chamber with two mummies is opened up for the first time. After an initial limestone slab is removed with a chisel and hammer, she peers through a small hole, exclaiming: “Oh my god, there are two mummies … See this wonder.”

Her previous discoveries include a headless statue of a pharaoh, believed to be King Ptolemy IV, Cleopatra’s ancestor, and a foundation plate with an inscription showing that the temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis. Cleopatra saw herself as the “human incarnation of Isis”, Martínez said.

It has been more than 2,000 years since the queen “outsmarted everyone” in hiding her eternal resting place. Cleopatra died by suicide after a military defeat, following Antony’s own suicide.

Although the triumphant Romans plundered her legacy and life story, Martinez says Cleopatra was determined they would never find her tomb.

“Even though Cleopatra was a Roman prisoner by the time of her suicide, she disappeared from captivity. She made sure that her human remains and Mark Antony’s were hidden from the Romans and their descendants forever.”

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