‘Time travel’ warns dangerous creatures will appear as the ground opens and millions disappear – Icestech

‘Time travel’ warns dangerous creatures will appear as the ground opens and millions disappear

The user gives chilling and baffling information on events that are supposed to start this summer including new deadly creatures called stalkers being discovered.

Kawhi Leonard, who is also known as ‘thehiddengod1’, claims in the short video that the ground in the US will split along with millions of people vanishing.

Kawhi Leonard, known on TikTok as @thehiddengod1, has posted multiple videos about his alleged т¡мe travel exploits, in which he warns viewers about some of the terrifying events that he says will take place in the not-too-distant future.

Captioning a video on his account, he said: “WARNING: A leaked document from a т¡мe traveller has warned us to remember these dates in 2022.”

The video goes on to state exact dates and detail what will apparently happen – emphasis on the word ‘apparently’.

The first event is reportedly going to take place on July 14 this year, when the ground will split and cause “America’s biggest earthquake”.

Next is August 9, when over two million people across the globe will “mysteriously disappear”, according to the т¡мe traveller.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, October 3 will see creatures called “stalkers” apparently appear out of nowhere on our planet.

“Remember these dates,” @thehiddengod1 warned in his caption.

The TikToker has also shared loads more predictions from other so-called т¡мe travellers.

Human/robot hybrids will conquer space so that will be fun (Credit: @thehiddengod1)If the “stalkers” don’t мคหage to wipe out the entire huмคห race, we will apparently build a place called “Unba City”, where over two billion people will live in 2782, according to one of the videos. A spaceship called “Tantive 5” will also land on Earth from Mercury in 2812 and human/robot hybrids will “conquer space” in 2999 (whatever ‘conquering space’ actually involves…)

More predictions for the rest of 2022 include chunks of the Moon falling to earth and Poseidon emerging from the ocean depths. The TikToker even predicted that the Queen will die this year – though in a later video he suggested she won’t go until March 2024.

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