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Three Times Has Anxious Dog Been Returned to The Shelter

Boo is a beautiful 2-year-old dog who ended up at a large Los Angeles shelter when she was just a puppy. Boo was adopted out and returned three times during her stay at the shelter, the third time with some very bad injuries and problems.

Boo’s first and second adoptive family were drawn to her adorable face and lively attitude and acquired her on the spur of the moment, unaware of the time and commitment required to train and nurture a puppy.

They returned her to the shelter when they realized they had taken on more than they could handle, leaving poor Boo sad and bewildered.

One of Boo’s rear knees had been badly damaged and never properly cared for when she was adopted and then returned to the shelter for the third time, requiring her to drag it behind her when she walked.

She also looked to have cigarette burns on her back and was suffering from acute separation anxiety as a result of being adopted and then returned so many times. Boo was yearning for love at the time, and the appropriate individuals eventually saw her need and chose to assist her.

Boo is a loving, loyal, and funny dog at heart who just wants to snuggle and play with the people she trusts. She has an infinite supply of love to give once she gets to know you, and her goofy smile can brighten even the darkest of days.

When she wants attention, she will place one of her massive paws on your hand or face, and she enjoys rolling about on the floor and getting plenty of belly rubs. Boo will be your best buddy if she feels loved and protected, and all she needs is a home where she can feel that way all of the time.

Boo was scared of me when I first met her at The Dog Cafe, where I volunteer. She didn’t know if she could trust me or not, but day by day, I worked hard to show Boo that I would never hurt her, and that whenever we were together, I would give her all the love and care she deserved. When Boo sees me, she leaps up eagerly and loves to stand with her body rubbed up against mine.

Every day, Boo is getting better at conquering her fears, and she’s come a long way since she first came at The Dog Cafe. Unfortunately, Boo’s knee is still broken, and now that she’s grown up, she can finally get surgery to cure it for good.

Because Boo’s leg has been broken for a long time, the operation will be quite expensive, and The Dog Cafe is working hard to gather enough money to provide Boo with the treatment she requires.

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