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This Is Why The Anunnaki Came To Earth

Is it possible that these “gods” are the so-called Anunnaki ?
Many people firmly hold that there was indeed a time when ‘Giants’ came to earth, and the ancient Sumerians were living with their gods, the Anunnaki. These mysterious gods – who came from the heavens – created humanity. Thousands of years ago, they may have walked among mortal humans.

This Is Why The Anunnaki Came To Earth
This Is Why The Anunnaki Came To Earth

They ruled the first civilization on Earth. Millions of people recognize that we may be the result of bioengineering. Interestingly, the ancient Sumerian civilization is often cited by researchers as one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, if it is not the oldest civilization on the planet.

History tells us that according to the ancient Sumerian texts – the Anunnaki were regarded as supreme deities in the past. These beings are described as humanoids, such as physical and spiritual beings who had greater capabilities than ordinary humans.

This Is Why The Anunnaki Came To Earth
This Is Why The Anunnaki Came To Earth

It is believed that this civilization of space explorers Anunnaki – came from a distant galaxy with great technology and wisdom, searching on our planet for precious minerals that they desperately needed. It is very interesting that the ancient cuneiform tablets mention the Anunnaki describes them with a high detail that is unprecedented, even speak of how these “beings” lived for hundreds of years ruling over humanity.

The ancient texts suggest that they were more than just a myth. Mr. Sitchin who studied ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets for over thirty years believed that the so-called ancient Sumerian gods were actually extraterrestrial outer space, which landed on planet Earth in ancient Mesopotamia more than 450,000 years ago.

In The Cosmic Code Sitchin writes: “There was a time when civilized man still did not inhabit the Earth when the animals were only wild and the crops were still not cultivated.

In that long time, ago a group of fifty Anunnaki came to Earth.

Directed by a leader whose name was EA (meaning “whose home is water”) when they left their planet Nibiru (“crossing planet”) and, coming to Earth, coming down in the waters of the Persian Gulf … Weather: 445,000 years ago. ” Humanity was finally enslaved by the gods.

But the gods also created a descendant of the Nephilim. These mysterious beings are the result of beings who came to Earth and intermingle with humans. Similar stories are present in ancient Greek mythology. Zeus, one of the major mot gods of ancient Greece, was said to have fathered two-hybrid sons: Hercules and Perseus. Curiously, the book of Enoch mentions beings known as ‘The Watchers’, Angels, who descended from heaven and procreated with humans.

This Is Why The Anunnaki Came To Earth
This Is Why The Anunnaki Came To Earth

The Forbidden Message Of The Anunnaki Revealed In An Incredible Text First Published In 1958

The Extraordinary Find: 12,000-Year-Old Body of an Anunnaki King Discovered Completely Intact in Iran?

Many people claim that the above stories are the definitive proof of the Anunnaki and how these beings influenced almost all ancient ancestral civilizations in the past.

If you look at the ancient Hindu, Greek, Roman, Aztec civilization, Egyptian and Mayan texts, we will find fascinating similarities between them: in the past, beings descended to Earth from the heavens and procreated with the man who gave rise to an offspring that was then “divine,” (a human medium).

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