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This is The Strange Powder That Shamans Used To Connect With UFO’s and Alien Entities


There are Plants That Medicine Men & Women (Shamans) Use To Connect

There are specific plants that have been traditionally used for various purposes such as grounding, 3rd eye activation and the opening of the pineal gland and intuition. Plants have been used to activate the pineal gland and to activate the spirit into engagement with other spirits and entities. This is a common practice as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual.

So how can UFO & Alien contact be made with plants?

There are specific plants and plant recipes that we are allowed to grand you access too thanks to our friends in the Amazon! This is huge, and allows you to channel your spirit guides to bring what needs to be spiritually shared with you to the surface. This can lead to UFO contact, alien contact, as well as enhanced intuition and 3rd eye activation as well as decalcification.

This is something you want to do whether you’re trying to make contact with aliens & UFO’s or not to simply develop your intuitive systems of the body and to stay grounded.

The Plants Used in Shamanic Ceremonies:

Surucuina: Contrary to popular belief this plant is great for health and drying out mold in the body. Smoking it has negative affects because of the carcinogens that are created with the combustion of fire. This is why instead of smoking it you gr ind it into a fine powder and blow it up your nose with an applicator. This is grounding, and helps to attack mold in the body. This also helps to set the stage for the rest of the experience. We recommend getting Hape with an applicator pipe at Four Visions Market by visiting here: — Use the code ‘healthywildfree’ for 10% off your order. Each blend is different so be sure to read about each individual blend.

Cocoa Leaf: This leaf is grown in the South American regions of the world and is actually the leaf that is grown and synthesized in order to create other things 😉 Yep, that’s right. It affects the neurons of the brain, is an anti-depressant and leaves you feeling elated. It also brings oxygen to the brain and helps develop your intuition and boosts energy levels. It’s a nice rush, a good clean rush! (Just to be clear) The Hape blends at Four Visions Market contain Surucuina and cocoa leaf in their blends, along with other sacred herbs grown in small batches to support this process. Once again, visit: and use the code ‘healthywildfree’ to get 10% off your order.

These are two of the plant medicines that are utilized in shamanic and indigenous practices to connect with the spiritual realm. Now, for the first time ever it is available to the public to bridge these connections at home without having to trek through the Amazon.

Four Visions market is sustainably harvesting and sourcing the ingredients that go into Hape as well as giving 50% of their profits to indigenous tribes in the Amazon Rainforest. They also have blends for specific purposes such as:

Nukini Hape: This is personally my favorite. It is formulated for 3rd eye awakening and intuitive development. It is very cleansing, powerful and healing for the mind, body and soul. You can get Nukini along with an applicator pipe (to apply it) by visiting Four Visions Market by clicking here. Make sure to use the code ‘healthywildfree’ to get 10% off your order.

Tsunu Bullet Hape: This is made by the Yawanawa tribe and is said to be the strongest most grounding Hape. This is used for protection from evil spirits and ill will. It is used to ward off bad energies and to protect you from them. Visit Four Visions Market by clicking here and use the code ‘healthywildfree’ for 10% off your purchase.

There are other Hape blends such as Divine Mother and Feminine Force as well. There are a variety of blends for different spiritual uses and connections. This has been something I have personally embraced and started doing. I get mine from Four Visions market also but I didn’t get a 10% discount when I first tried it like you will. Visit Four Visions here and enter the code ‘healthywildfree’ at checkout for 10% off. You’ll be glad you did. It’s an experience.

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