This civilization on Earth is actually an alien civilization and has aprox 103 million year-old (VIDEO) – Icestech

This civilization on Earth is actually an alien civilization and has aprox 103 million year-old (VIDEO)

For a long time, scientists all throughout the world have been wondering how ancient we are as a species. Historians all throughout the world have been convinced that we are 1-2 million years old, however recent discoveries over the last decade or two have completely reversed this belief.

Aside from that, we’ve discovered a slew of indications indicating our ancestors were far more “worldly” in character.

The recently uploaded website “UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES” attempted to validate this ongoing notion by evaluating the opinions themselves.

It was titled “Is Earth’s Civilization 103 Million Years Old, and Was It Aliens?” And it has deepened into what has compelled devotees all around the world to reach this conclusion more than ever before.

For example, it refers to all of the pyramids discovered on Mars using Curiosity Rover’s surveillance photographs. They resemble the ones we’ve seen on Earth, which were allegedly created by the ancient Egyptians.


The goal of this documentary is to ease the novice into this hypothesis and provide a plethora of logical arguments why this could be the case.

At the end of the day, it’s the polar opposite of what history books teach us, which is why it’s critical for the viewer to get into it.

The video’s main point is that mankind formerly lived on Mars and the Moon then returned to Earth, but we never left because the conditions were far better.

This hypothesis of shared amnesia is also discussed in the film. Check out this video and let us know what you think:

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