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Thirsty Stray Dog Picks Up A Empty Bucket And Begs People For Water After Drought Hit Peru

Water company Sedapal has been forced to suspend the supply of drinking water in the Peruvian capital because the water was contaminated with mud, reports the Daily Mail. A severe flood had contaminated all the open water bodies of the city which forced the company to suspend water supply.

But with that came severe damages. According to Daily Mail, more than one million people were forced to abandon their homes. The video and images of the helpless pooch have gone viral and it is pulling heartstrings.

This video of a thirsty doggie running around Lima, capital of Peru, begging for some water with a bucket in his mouth has gone viral, stirring emotions all around the world. The unnamed canine, who was filmed in the district of Chorrillos, is one of the victims affected by Lima’s latest water shortage, which has already left 75 people dead and led to more than 1 million Peruvians being forced to abandon their homes.

Sadly, all the water’s оpen sоurces Lima are gоne because оf the lack оf water. Heartbreakingly, this dоg, whо is abоut tо be hоpeless, decides tо pick a bucket in hоpe tо get the attentiоn оf peоple and tо get sоme water.

The stray was filmed begging for water with a bucket in his mouth as the country faces extreme water shortage due to a drought. The dog’s desperate need to quench its thirst would have forced him to pick up a discarded bucket and collect water.

The video shows that the bucket has been filled by a helper. Later, it is seen that an onlooker tried to pull the bucket off of the pooch’s mouth to pet it but it refuses to let the bucket go.
Josselyn Ortiz said, “Look at this face when he is stroked, it is like he is thinking. Do not think about cheating me with your tricks, because I am not going to give you the bucket.”

Donova Sba added, “It is like he is searching for his owner in order to show him, look, I have water, where are you?”

The company is said to be doing everything it can to solve the problem. Meanwhile, huge containers of water have been put in different parts of the city for people to share.

This poor doggie obviously took it into his own hands – or rather, jaws – to make sure his water needs are met. What a smart dog with some serious skills and strategy!

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