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In 30 years, people will be able to leave their bodies and transfer their minds “to the cloud”

One of the most mind-bending far future predictions you’ll hear from some futurists is this: Eventually, the technology will exist to copy your brain (every bit of data that makes you, you) onto a computer.
Incredible and somewhat frightening visions of the future will become a reality in the coming decades. According to futurologists, people of the future will gain immortality and will live in the body of a machine.

Dr. Ian Pearson predicts that a person will be able to transfer his mind into a computer and one day he will go to a funeral where his previous biological body will be buried.

Cyborgization has some good sides. Let us take into account that we will be able to exchange each of our limbs for a better one. Today’s advanced prostheses offer a sense of touch – we can feel, for example, the temperature, pressure or the material from which the object is made.

We could get new legs which would practically solve the disability problem. In addition, we could insert implants into our brain that would improve our memory, intelligence or make it easier to learn new skills.

However, futurist Dr. Ian Pearson points to opportunities in his blog that are partly fascinating and partly terrifying.

According to him, future technological advances will allow us to obtain immortality by copying our mind and transferring it to the cloud. From now on, a person will be able to live forever in digital form and “settle” in the body of any cyborg.

Dr. Ian Pearson believes that in this capacity we will be treated not as an ordinary computer program, but as a living, albeit digital, person.

The futurologist believes that the first people will be able to do this by about 2050 at the latest, but cyborgization, at least at the initial stage, of course, will be available only to the richest.

Digital immortality will become somewhat more accessible in the coming years as the prices of cyborgs fall, but today it can be assumed that the almost unlimited possibilities that arise as a result of transferring your mind into the body of a machine will rather be available only to a small group of people in the world.

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