The Time-Traveling Train: A train lost in a Tunnel in Italy, no one can find it

You must have heard about many mysterious stories involving railways and platforms. But the train of Italy which disappeared with passengers is still an unsolved mystery. This incident took place in the year 1911, in which a train carrying 106 persons disappeared mysteriously. Till date, it has not been known where this train has gone.

Time-Traveling Train that disappeared without a trace. Supposedly, the colossal machine managed to travel through time and space.

The story begins on June 14, 1911. On that day, the Zanetti railway company scheduled the maiden voyage of a luxury train destined for the upper class of Italy.

The scheduled route ran through a scenic landscape and through the longest tunnel built in Europe up to that time, located in the Lombardy Mountains.

The story mentions that the first hours of the trip passed in perfect normality. In fact, wealthy passengers praised the service and were happy with the experience.

But things got strange when they were about to go through the tunnel through the mountains. The train entered the tunnel but never left. On the other side, a crowd of onlookers was disappointed to see the luxurious machine disappear into the gloom.

After a long wait, the reporters began to assume various scenarios. It was rumored that the train had a breakdown or an accident that prevented it from moving forward.



The authority organized a search team, men who traveled the tunnel from beginning to end without finding a single trace of the train, passengers, or crew.

Witnesses claimed that the train never left that tunnel.

However, the authority insisted on saying that there was no way that the train would simply disappear into the mountain. And at this point, the story gets weirder.

After a second search run, the crew located two stunned passengers wandering inside the tunnel with minor injuries.

Did the train travel back in time?
These people explained that they jumped off the train in a panic caused by a series of inexplicable events. In the story, they noted that, just before entering the tunnel, they perceived a loud buzzing noise.

Then a torrent of thick fog engulfed the train. These events generated panic in the passengers, who until that moment enjoyed the trip. Only then did they decide to leave the train.

But things get even stranger …

Those who set out to reveal what happened have come across strange accounts that suggest an unusual explanation. One of the oldest accounts was written by a monk in Modena 400 years earlier.

The man related the appearance of a huge metal tube full of people dressed in strange clothes.


In 1845, a doctor in Mexico treated a group of 104 Italians in strange clothing. They were all hysterical, claiming to be from Rome and having arrived by train.

Apparently one of those people was carrying a pack of cigarettes with the date 1907 on it.

Another report from 1955 describes the transit of a train on the Zavalichi railways in Ukraine. A worker pointed out that the train appeared out of nowhere and ran over some chickens.

As late as 1955, the inhabitants of Pune, in India, saw a train packed with passengers in old clothes. By 1991 it appeared in Poltava, another town in Ukraine.

Various reports suggest the presence of the interdimensional train in Romania, Russia, and Germany. In these stories, it is common that the vehicle does not even appear on some railroad tracks.

Is it possible that a train can disappear to emerge at various times and places through time and space? Are passengers still trapped in a time loop, completely oblivious to the course of our reality and living on the borders of time and space?

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