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The Strange Case Of William Taylor : Traveled To The Year 8973 And Have Seen Hybrids Human-Machines

William Taylor said he was sent by the British government to a future reality where human cyborgs live forever

A man who claims to be a time-traveller says he went to the year 8973 and met telepathic robot-human hybrids in a project sponsored by the British Government.

William Taylor passed a lie detector test in which he describes his jaunt to the future.

He claims he spent six hours in the year 8973 but said he “never wanted to come back” as it is a ‘utopia’ where there is no crime or conflict and there are “cures to every problem”.

William said he was sent as part of a secretive project run the British government.

He claims he met cyborg-like residents who had “abnormally large heads and eyes” and “small mouths” and were gifted with immortality.

The alien creatures seemed to be “descendants” of human beings that could communicate with telepathy, he says. Despite this William claims he was able to talk to them in English.

“They all had implanted in them a chip which instantly brain scans and translates words into whatever language was most comfortable for t hem.”

William claims it is his “moral responsibility” to tell the general public about time travel – a technology he claims has been in existence since 1981.

But this is not the only time William claims to have hopped to the future. He also says he went to the year 3,000 in the “cylindrical” time travel machine. He describes this as a far less pleasant experience though.

“I didn’t want to be there too long” he explained. “There was a red sky and pollution was everywhere. I realised there was radiation in the air so I had to leave quickly.”

Each of his claims passed the lie detector test carried out by ApexTV.

And it seems we do not have to wait too long to get the chance to skip ahead in time. According to William, time travel will be possible for all by 2028.

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