The secret entrance to the UFO, has just been discovered on an inaccessible cliff in the Himalayas

Scientists consider that the 21st century is the “new age of exploration” as they expect that this bleeding-edge technology will unveil мคหy more mysteries.

According to National Geographic, we have only discovered a little portion of our planet, and the best is yet to come.

Unfortunately, this technology is exclusive to only a small amount of influential people. In order to understand better this topic, pay attention to this discovery.

In 2016, MexicoGeek, a YouTuber, stumbled upon a mysterious are a in the Himalayan mountain range.

With the help of Google Earth, he discovered a cave on a remote slope. This is very interesting since the access to the cave seems to be inaccessible to humans. For some researchers, that might be a secret entrance for UFOs, leading inside the Inner Earth. They even claim that aliens built a holographic wall in order to mask the entrance to the cave.

Others suggest that the cave might be a secret military base. However, considering how difficult it is access to that cave, it is unlikely that this might be the case

Have a look at the following video for more in-depth information and please share your opinions with us.

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