The scientist guarantees that it is possible to Travel 100 years into the future in a few days

She further revealed that a future spacecraft could resolve this phenomenon.

Time travel is a fantasy that has been in the huмคห imagination for decades. However, it has never left science fiction…until now. A British astrophysicist revealed that it is possible to travel 100 years into the future .

Travel 100 years into the future. Is it possible?

Sarah Bridle , Professor of Astronomy and Cosmology in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of мคหchester, told BBC Radio 4 that scientists know how to travel more than 100 into the future in just one week.

In a discussion of т¡мe travel, the leading astrophysicist stated that this method is the closest scientists have come to unraveling т¡мe travel.

But he also assured that it is currently not feasible with the technology we have. Also, that т¡мe travel would require a “new type of spacecraft that consumes enormous amounts of energy.”

The т¡мe travel interview continued with the news that Professor Stephen Hawking ‘s memorial service left the door open for т¡мe travelers to attend.

Going more to the subject, Bridle explained on the Today program, that there are at least 2 completely respectable ways to be able to advance in т¡мe.

“We could move very, very quickly. So if you get on a plane and go around the world, you move forw̳a̳r̳d in т¡мe by one millionth of a second.

People have done experiments with clocks on airplanes and flying around the world to show this.”

Moving very fast is the key

He explains that the only way to move much longer is also to move much faster. So it is necessary to have some transport that can travel at almost the speed of light . Thus, he explains that one could travel 100 years into the future in just one week.

“If you could fly around the earth seven т¡мes a second for a hundred years, the people on that plane would age a week, while the people on earth would have aged 100 years.”

However, he assured that in order to make this trip, a new type of spacecraft is needed, which would have to consume such enormous amounts of energy

 that they are currently unknown.

The other way to do it is through black holes . This trip could be replicated when approaching them, but he assures that it is a very dangerous method, since мคหy things about them are still unknown.

Basically traveling 100 years into the future is possible, however with our current technology it is impossible. But the fact that science is already taking its possibility into account shows us that, over the years, it could be a reality.

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