The mysterious object that left a burning trail in the sky was discovered by many people in Florida – Icestech

The mysterious object that left a burning trail in the sky was discovered by many people in Florida

Multiple citizens from Vero Beach to Jensen Beach who were up for the sunrise that day took pictures or shot video of the unexpected sight and wondered if they had just seen a UFO. (They totally did.)

Julia Buckley told WPBF she saw the unidentified flying object in the sky a little before 7am off the coast of Vero Beach, while Floridian John Simard says he was near the Fort Pierce Inlet when he noticed the strange craft in the sky.

“There was something unusual on the horizon,” said Simard. “Small clouds that were really bright. We look at them for a little while. Then I took out my camera and started taking pictures. I zoomed in and as I zoomed and it became obvious what I was looking at was some kind of contrail from some type of rocket or something going up. Which I though was odd since there’s no launchpads out in the middle of the Atlantic.”

That is odd.

“It looked like a fiery trail going up out of the ocean,” Simard told WPTV. “I started firing off pictures, and then I noticed a speck of light above the contrail so I zoomed in and I was able to get a couple of pictures of what clearly appeared to be some kind of rocket going up, or missile.”

Several reported seeing the object with a fiery trail from Vero Beach to Jensen Beach in the moments before the sunrise.

“Looks like a rocket you know, could be aliens,” says Josh Plauche who looked at the photos from Fort Pierce.

WPTV reporter Matt Sczesny, who spoke to several witnesses, said, “NASA had no scheduled launches today and we couldn’t get through to the Pentagon for a comment on this. But again, the мคหy who saw it out on the beach earlier this morning were very surprised.”

As they should have been.

Sanford мคหley, a former historian with the Strategic Air Command, tried to throw a wet blanket on the sighting, saying, “It’s very easy to speculate people think they see something,” and claiming that all people saw was just the contrail of a jet.

“The sun filters the light through the atmosphere and turns red like at sunset or sunrise. So it catches these contrails, which normally we see as white and tints them red.”

Manley added, “The plane is very high catching the sunlight before the sun has come up therefore its glowing red,” and that instances such as this usually occur more at sunset rather than at sunrise, but it can happen in the morning as well.

Of course he said that. He used to work for the United States government.

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