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Scientists Argue That The Ancient Mayan Civilization did not Vanish

According to scientists, the Mayan civilization did actually disappear. Although society continues to exist today, its political structure has long since fallen into disarray.
Since around 1800 BC, the Maya have inhabited Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula. Between 800 and 1000 AD, the ancient civilization “disappeared.”

At the same time, the term “collapse” is somewhat incorrect in this scenario because many people identify it with constant ruins. According to Livescience, the reality is rather different.
Experts point out that it was the political structure they used, not society, that slipped into disarray. Lisa Lucero claimed that around 7 million descendants of the old civilization live today, not only in Central America but even beyond its borders.
Because the Maya lacked a leader, no one was able to combine them into a single state. Civilization consisted of a slew of minor states clustered around the capital.

Of course, the Maya shared religious and cultural features, but each state had its own particular ruler.
Some of them began to fall apart between 800 and 1000 AD, while others thrived. As a result, it is impossible to argue that civilization as a whole has fully declined.
As a result of the drought, the city of Chichen Itza has lost its status as the primary metropolis. Mayan, in the Yucatan Peninsula, began to expand rapidly at the same time.
Many people died from diseases brought with the Europeans during the colonization of Central America, and ancient civilizations continued to survive even after the war in the region.

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