The man was bitten repeatedly by the anaconda, but the man remained calm

Despite being repeatedly bitten by the anaconda on his hands and stomach, the man still showed a calm attitude as if nothing had happened.

The video was shared on his profile by wildlife expert Nicolas Lee Bishop, nicknamed Nick the Wrangler. The footage shows Nick playing with a green python when suddenly the snake starts biting the specialist’s stomach and hand.

Con trăn anacoda xanh bất ngờ tung ra những cú cắn vào bụng và tay của chuyên gia này.

When the animal attacked, Dick was both hurt and startled, but still calm and immediately reassured his followers: “Don’t worry, this animal is not poisonous”.

ƝThe man remained calm as he was repeatedly bitten by the python (Video: ick The Wrangler).

Nick’s video quickly “caused heated discussions” after it was released on social networks. Many have expressed admiration for Nick’s astonishing composure when he was attacked by the python. However, many believe that Nick was bitten by the python because of his inappropriate handling of the animal, which caused it to become restless.

“Plants and snakes rarely actively attack humans unless they are prodded or mishandled. This guy mishandled the python so it was uncomfortable and attacked. He works, but it’s the nature of pythons not to attack humans,” one A netizen commented. After watching the clip Nick posted.

“Release the python, it’s not a human toy,” commented another.

The green python suddenly bit the strong man’s abdomen and hands The green python suddenly bit the strong man’s abdomen and hands.

The green python is one of the largest python species in the world and lives in the Amazon Basin (South America). They prefer to live in water or hide in swamps, rivers and jungles of South America. The green anaconda is the longest in the snake family, with an adult body length of more than 10m and a weight of more than 250kg.

Despite their large size, green anacondas and many other python species (such as golden anacondas, Bolivian anacondas, etc.) are considered very shy and often hide or camouflage underwater, making them difficult to catch underwater. Wild.. Most of the time, this python swims along the river in search of food and destroys its prey by wrapping it tightly, causing the prey to suffocate or die from ruptured internal organs. After a python kills its prey, it swallows it in its stomach.

Although not venomous, python bites can cause infections because the python’s teeth contain many bacteria.

As well as footage of being attacked by the green anaconda, Nick also regularly shares videos of him being bitten by snakes on his personal Facebook page, but they are all non-venomous snakes, so they only make him bleed and are not life-threatening.

The moment a wildlife expert is bitten by a snake. (Video: Nick The Wrɑngler).

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