The host of a popular YouTube channel about wildlife claims to have found big-legged skulls in Canada – Icestech

The host of a popular YouTube channel about wildlife claims to have found big-legged skulls in Canada

Last Thursday, Peterson posted several photos of a Bigfoot skull dug up in a large puddle of mud. on his Facebook page.

We thought it was a bear skull when we found it, but I can 100% guarantee it wasn’t. The skull was found partially submerged in the ground in a remote forest gorge after a strong storm in the northwest of the region, in the place where lots of trees damaged.

I’m sure these photos and videos are likely to be removed by government or park officials, but the skull is already safe. I don’t know if this is what you’re all thinking (yeti skull), but I can’t find any other explanation for the presence of a primate skull in the Pacific Northwest region,” writes Peterson.

Monkeys lived on the territory of North America, but for a very long т¡мe, and even in this case they were rather primitive primates, not at all like chimpanzees or gorillas, and besides, they were much smaller in size. And the found skull looks relatively fresh, it is hardly more than a dozen years old.

As you can imagine, this statement quickly became very popular and hundreds of both believers in the Yeti and zealous skeptics came running in comments to the blogger.

A certain Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum argued that the skull “is most likely a model of a gorilla’s skull,” and this theory of his quickly became the main among critics of Peterson’s find.

They went on to claim that a previously similar replica of the skull was being sold somewhere on the Internet, after which speculation followed that Peterson had either deliberately created a hoax, or was the vicт¡м of a prank, or fell for the ruse of intruders who wished him harm.

However, Peterson still has a lot of supporters who believe that he found the remains of a Bigfoot and that the authorities can do a lot to silence him.

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