The clearest evidence of alien contact with Earth has been found

The “triangular ship” near the PANG base in Oregon has sparked conspiracy theories of a ‘reverse-engineered alien craft’

They said: “We received multiple eyewitnesses from residents in the area.”

MYSTERIOUS footage of a UFO hovering close to a top-secret US military base has sparked conspiracy theories of a ‘reverse-engineered alien craft’.

Recently, the clearest evidence of alien contact has been found by Conspiracy theorists. A bizarre aircraft was spotted near a top-secret US military base, according to alarming photos and мคหy eyewitnesses. As it flew above the Portland Air National Guard Base, multiple witnesses saw the plane (PANG).

Hundreds of UFO enthusiasts cheered the footage, which brought up a nearby military base.

There are so мคหy conspiracy theories that say that the aircraft could be a super-secret stealth spy airplane, while others point to “reverse-engineering” linked to alien contact.

Blake and Brett Cousins of ‘Thirdphaseofmoon’ YouTube channel has received multiple photos from multiple witnesses who have seen a strange triangle-shaped craft in the vicinity of the Portland Air National Guard Base (PANG) in Oregon. (see 10:16 minute video below). The infamous TR-3B has been linked to images and eyewitness claims of the flying aircraft.

Footage [TR-3B-UPGRADE] From PANG BASE National Guard Oregon!

The “triangular ship” near the PANG base in Oregon has raised suspicions of a bizarre US military test.

They said: “We received multiple eyewitnesses from residents in the area.”

They also claimed: “You can rule out any photoshop because these new, crystal-clear photographs show the sharp edges and the motion involved”

Many agreed with video and ruled out CGI мคหipulation.

“I mean, look at the inner chamber inside this craft. This area has been known as a hotspot for strange sky sightings. Could this be proof of reverse engineering?”

Many have long speculated that the supersonic stealth plane, with a recognizable triangular design, was used during the Gulf War.

Many others agreed with the video and ruled out the use of CGI.

Other viewers, on the other hand, were not convinced, with one stating: “This isn’t a TR3B by any means! It appears to be an F45.”

Another person stated: “That’s not the TR3, based on the photo. The new Stealth AI Drone looks like this.”

A third viewer took the conspiracy notion a step further, claiming that “they want to be seen” because “it’s part of how they мคหage disclosure.”

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