Top 10 Famous Lands Are The Birthplace Of Beauties, Can See Pretty Girls Everywhere

There are pretty girls in every region, but there are so many that they are overwhelmed, and they can be found everywhere, so these 10 places have become brands.


On the world beauty map, it is indispensable for representatives from the Russian Federation. Russian girls seduce each other with blue eyes, silky blonde hair, and a high nose bridge, very typical of European beauty.

Thanks to its distinct geographical features, a large country like Russia stretches from the European Baltic Sea to the Asian Pacific Ocean, home to 170 ethnic groups living together. The mixture of many bloodlines, the combination of Asia and Europe, creates a fascinating hybrid beauty of Russian girls.

Có thể là ảnh chụp cận cảnh một hoặc nhiều người và mọi người đang đứng


The girls from Ukraine have a similar beauty to the daughter of the country of birch. In the list of countries with the sexiest women in the world, representatives from Ukraine have never been absent. Therefore, for many years in a row, this Eastern European country has always been known as “owning the most beauties” in the world.

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Multi-ethnic country like India has a mixture of many cultures. This is also the hometown of many beauties with a beauty that easily makes men “infatuated”. The beauty of Indian women is a perfect combination, featuring large, deep eyes and curled eyelashes.

10 Hottest Indian Girls On Instagram Every Guy Should Follow


The most attractive feature of the girls from the country of Samba is the toned body and healthy tanned skin. They also play an important role in the annual festivals when attracting large numbers of tourists to see the beautiful girls. In addition, a powerful “weapon” of Brazilian women is because of their well-balanced body beauty, especially round 1 and round 3 are very “hot”.

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The country of Southeast Asia Philippines is proud of the long list of beauties in the international arena. Many Filipino girls are mixed between Asia and the West, so they have a harmonious blend of two bloodlines, creating a very special charm.

The top fifteen countries with the hottest girls have been decided. | Marian rivera, Most beautiful women, Dating girls


This American country has long been considered a “smelter” for training Miss World. Venezuelan girls possess fiery beauty, personality with healthy skin and characteristic attractive lips. As a country with a large concentration of immigrants in the world, in Venezuela one can see groups people from Italy, Portugal, and Spain make up 60% of the population. It is because of the combination of many bloodlines of many ethnic groups that create different hybrid beauties.

\Top 10 Most Beautiful Venezuelan Women - Wonderslist


Modern British women are a combination of many cultures, different sets of genes, so they have a variety of skin, hair and eye pigmentation. In addition, the British education system is also ranked among the top in the world, so it is not difficult to understand why women in this country always possess beauty in both form and soul.

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American women are happy, independent and always know how to take care of themselves. On the streets of top cities like Miami, New York or Los Angeles, it’s not hard to come across many women who are taking care of their own beauty with high technology. They always exude a self-confident aura, beautiful in their own way, without fear of what others say about them.


When it comes to classy beauty, don’t forget to add Italy to the list. Italian women are extremely stylish, trendy and knowledgeable, sophisticated in beauty. Most of them have brown eyes and shiny black or brown hair. Itay women also know how to enhance their self-worth thanks to the available potential.


This half-Asian and half-European country deserves a high position on the list. Women in the rope are beautiful in a way that is both gentle but very personal. They have both classic features but still modern and trendy. If you do not believe this statement, you can search through pictures of ancient Turkish queens or watch operas.

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