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Thailand’s King Adopts 13 Skeleton Great Danes Discovered Near Death At An Abandoned Breeding Farm

The neglected pooches were found at a house in Pathum Thani on Monday after the owner fled several weeks ago.
The King of Thailand ‘adopted’ 15 skeletal Great Danes after Thai authorities rescued them from starvation on an abandoned breeding farm.
With nobody to care for them, they were not properly fed and lost so much weight that their bones were poking through their fur when found by authorities.

A neglectful dog owner left 15 Great Danes to starve on a breeding farm in central Thailand. The pooches, pictured above, lost so much weight that their bones poked through their skin

Thai authorities were notified concerning a canine breeding farm in main Thailand that was deserted by the proprietor. When they arrived they discovered 13 emaciated Great Danes in cages. The pets were certainly deprived and appeared like walking skeletons. Sadly, one woman and also her 2 pups passed away prior to aid arrived.

All of the pets were gotten rid of from the residential property by Guard dog Thailand volunteers.

Several of the dogs were so weak from not eating they can not stand. The skeletal pets were very carefully filled right into a vehicle and required to a nearby vet.

After being checked out and dealt with, they were provided food– for the very first time in weeks. Each pet dog struggled with extreme malnutrition, however no cost will be spared thanks to the King of Thailand, Rama X. As soon as he heard of the occurrence, he offered to embrace the canines and cover the prices of their therapy, food and anything else they may require.

A spokesman said: ‘We have received a Royal command from His Majesty The King. His Royal Highness has commanded a delegation to adopt the dogs at the Animal Welfare Division.’

Two Great Danes can be seen above inside a cage. When Watchdog Thailand found the pooches, they were all locked away after the owner closed down her breeding farm citing financial problems

Relatives living nearby said the property had been operated as a dog breeding farm for many years until the owner closed down due to financial problems and cruelly abandoned the animals.

She decided to report to the foundation as the Great Danes were living in such a terrible condition, causing one female dog and her two puppies to die in a cage on Sunday.

The volunteers arrived at the house on Monday around 2pm and found 15 skinny dogs locked in cages suffering from severe malnutrition.

Through their ordeal, the 15 malnourished Great Danes now have a royal friend. The King of Thailand, King Rama X, has pledged to ‘adopt’ the poor creatures, covering the cost of their treatment, food and ongoing care

The police who recovered the starving dogs, pictured above, will face punishment under the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act and a police investigation is underway

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