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US Navy’s’ Video With A UFO “diving” Under The Water Has Been Published

Filmed by the USS Omaha Combat Information Center (CIC) on July 15, 2019, the video shows a black spherical object moving across the sky.

A Mysterious 30-meter Creature Skeleton Has Been Discovered At The Bottom Of The Mediterranean Sea.

In particular, his job is to photograph sections of the seabed with the help of remotely controlled vehicles and this unusual skeleton was discovered by him during the next stage of studying the seabed.

Near-death Experiences Are Not Hallucinations, It’s A Real Thing

Some scientists have called these experiences hallucinations or delusions, but researchers at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine say something else is actually going on.

U.S Navy Video Showing A UFO “diving” Under The Water Off California Has Been Published 

Filmed by the USS Omaha Combat Information Center (CIC) on July 15, 2019, the video shows a black spherical object moving across the sky.

Several UFOs And Unexplained Underwater Objects Were Observed During A Large-scale Naval Operation

Several UFOs and unexplained underwater objects were observed during a large-scale naval operation in 1952. They were seen by many trustworthy military witnesses, and stories suggest that…

Did Alexander the Great encounter a 'dragon' in India? 2

Did Alexander the Great encounter a ‘dragon’ in India?

Alexander the Great was king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon in the 4th century BC. He is best remembered for his colossal military campaign, which lasted for most of his reign, and led to the creation of one of the largest empires of the ancient world. Undefeated in battle, Alexander’s dominion eventually stretched from Greece to northwestern India and down into northeastern Africa.

Underwater alien craft attacks: USO vs. U.S and Russiαn Navy

Documents now reveal that heavy USO activity was occurring before, during, and after the Scorpion’s loss…and arriving search and rescue vessels had their own chilling encounters with UFOs and USOs.

Spaceship Moon Theory: Is the Moon an Artificial Alien Satellite (Video)

After examination, it has been noted that the Moon is apparently in the wrong orbit for its size, according to its current assumed density. Astronomy data indicates that the internal regions of the Moon are less dense than the outer, giving rise to the inevitable speculation that it could be hollow.

Scientists Say Aliens Created Our Genetic Code And Signed It With The Number 37

Alyoshenka: Mysterious Creature Discovered In A Small Ural Town, The Kyshtym Dwarf Or Alien?

In the mid-’90s, in the vicinity of the city of Kyshtym, a mysterious creature appeared, the origin of which still cannot be explained by any of its manifold versions. There are a number of blank spots in this story. The events have already been overgrown with numerous rumors and speculation. Some eyewitnesses to the strange phenomenon refuse to give interviews, the stories of others are frank inventions. It all started with one curious document of an unseen yet real baby called “Alyoshenka”.

Carmine Carlos Mirabelli: Physical Medium Who was a Mystery for Scientists

Carmine Carlos Mirabelli was born in Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil, in 1889 to parents who were of Italian descent. He began studying Spiritism at a young age, and was introduced to the writings of Allan Kardec as a result of his studies.

Infernal Skinwalker Ranch: The Main “gates” Through Which Skinwalkers Regularly Traverse

By some estimates, well over half of the local population in the areas near or surrounding Skinwalker Ranch have observed various types of paranormal phenomena, with new accounts coming in on a very frequent basis.

Crouching Pale Creature Was Captured On CCTV

The quality of the video is very poor, and it looks like the recording posted online was taken by the phone from the computer screen, which makes it even more blurry.

Massive Strange Creature, Spider-like Thing With Four Legs Caught On Camera Near A Surfer In San Diego (VIDEO)

“What the heck is this thing in the water?”, this question was left by several commenters under the video.

Ancient 5000-year-old Ural Petroglyphs Depict Modern Chemical Structures

According to mainstream academics, this should not be possible at all! An ancient set of petroglyphs in Russia’s Ural region, dating back 5,000 years, depicts a number of ‘advanced chemical structures,’ and is considered to be one of the world’s greatest mysteries. But, thousands of years ago, how did ancient civilizations learn about them?