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Researchers Confirmed: There Are ‘Secret’ Tunnels Connecting Your Skull and The Brain

Did you know you have tiny tunnels in your head? That’s OK, no one else did either until recently! But that’s exactly what a team of medical…

Physicist Michio Kaku On The Shift In The UFO Phenomenon To The Psychology Of Alien Contact

Physicist Michio Kaku , during an interview, stated that UFOs do not obey the known laws of aerodynamics and are beyond the technology that a person can…

Researchers May Have Found The Secret To Letting Humans BREATHE In Space With Genius Science Trick

Space travel is difficult for a variety of reasons, but one of the most significant is the absence of oxygen in space. Bacteria might be the solution…

Meet The Ghost Collembola: This Alien-looking Creature Has Survived In Antarctica For At 30 Ice Ages

An endemic creature to Antarctica dubbed the “Ghost Collembola” has survived in the harsh, icy landscape for around 30 Ice Ages, the researchers have revealed. This small creature can help scientists better understand the history of the frozen continent. 

English scientist Warns: Our Planet Could Rebel Against Us And KiIl Off Humans

Have you ever heard about the Gaia hypothesis? Proposed decades ago by environmentalist James Lovelock, this theory suggests that Earth is a self-regulating superorganism that, for billions of years, has maintained favorable planetary conditions for us and all life to exist. With the global reliance on fossil fuels and problems such as overpopulation and deforestation, humans have disrupted the balance, and Earth may find a way to “strike” back.

Researchers Convert Pure Energy Into Matter And Antimatter, Creating New Physics

Recent research published in Physical Review Letters proves that matter and antimatter can be created from energy, specifically light particles (photons). Thus, it provides a magnificently physical…

The Block Universe Theory Claims The Past, Present And Future Exist Simultaneously

Here’s an intriguing idea. What if you were informed that everything in your life was pre-planned? Even crazier, what if your history, present, and future are all taking place right now?

At 2.2 Billion Years Old, This Is The Oldest Meteor Crater On Earth On Record

The massive space rock is believed to have impacted Earth around 2.2 billion years ago, when Earth was in a prehistoric ice age, and the entire planet was engulfed by ice. 

Us Navy Holds Technology That Can Alter The “Fabric Of Reality” That Could Literally Change The World

The declassified US Navy patents describe technologies that, to a certain extent, sound unrealistic and impossible at our current technological level.

Do Mystery Signals in NASA’s Antarctica Test Hint At The Existence Of A Parallel Universe ?

NASA scientists detected strange signals coming from the depths of Earth during experiments in Antarctica in 2016 and 2018. Soon after the anomalies were reported, tabloids and media channels came out with incredible titles that suggested the existence of a parallel universe. But was any of this true?

Experts Have Concluded: All Humans May Be Descended From a Pair That Lived 200,000 Years Ago

But this is not your typical Adam and Eve story.

NASA has detected a massive solar flare that will directly impact Earth.

A long-lasting solar flare occurred in the massive sunspot area AR2960 on March 10, 2022. It resulted in a coronal mass ejection headed toward Earth (CME). On…

Ancient Aliens: Paracas Skull DNA Test Reveals it Could be Aliens

Elongated skulls are a very interesting global phenomenon. Across the planet, researchers keep discovering traces of these mysterious artifacts, the nature of which supposedly defies any explanation….

Have you known that “Scientists Discovered A “Second Earth”?

In the past, thousands of exoplanets have been discovered in the universe, but none of them is like Proxima B. Scientists unearthed a hidden exoplanet from old…

Anunnaki’s Structure Before the Flood: A 200,000 years old Ancient City Discovered in Africa

Many writers claim that evidence of the Ancient Anunnaki’s presence may be discovered all across the world. We look at the 200,000-year-old ancient metropolis unearthed in Africa…