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US Navy’s’ Video With A UFO “diving” Under The Water Has Been Published

Filmed by the USS Omaha Combat Information Center (CIC) on July 15, 2019, the video shows a black spherical object moving across the sky.

Russian Navy Captain: Aliens Build Their Bases On Earth’s Seabed

The ocean remains virtually unexplored. We have a much clearer picture of processes that occur on the Moon, our knowledge of things that happen deep under the surface of the sea is scarce. As it turns out, reports about certain mysterious undersea incidents arrive steadily.

Russian Astronauts: UFOs Exist, Not Only Americans See Them in Space

New DNA Research Shows Egyptian Pharaoh Could Be An Alien Hybrid

Stuart Fleischmann, Assistant Professor of Comparative Genomics at the Swiss University in Cairo and his team have recently published the results of a 7-year study that mapped the genomes of 9 ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. If proven correct, their findings could potentially change the world’s history books.

This British Astronaut Believes Aliens Live Among Us On Earth, But They Are Invisible

The first Brit to go into space, Helen Sharman, said she believes aliens exist and could be “here right now” but invisible to the human eye. Icelanders…

Millions Of Aliens Inhabit Earth, According To Physicists.

Physicist is sure that millions of aliens inhabit Earth. Physicist James Kune assures that in only one country there can be a society of aliens exceeding a…

There May Be Hydrogen-Breathing Aliens! A New Approach To Finding Alien Life

The density of a hydrogen-dominated atmosphere decreases about 14 times less rapidly the higher up you go than in an atmosphere dominated by nitrogen like the Earth’s….

Former Lockheed Martin Engineer From Texas: I Met Aliens At Area 51

Before his death at 78 years old, an alleged former engineer with Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments claimed he met aliens and other strange things at Area…

Manna Machine: The Mysterious Alien Machine That Produced Food In The Desert For Moses And Jews

The manna machine was a very dangerous device, some theorists suspect that the reactor that powered the machine was being transported in the Ark of the Covenant.

Guarded By Aliens? The Last Time Humans Stepped On The Moon

The UFO community found numerous anomalies after investigating thousands of official photos captured during the Apollo 17 moon mission. Apollo 17 was the last official mission of…

Aliens Are Trans-dimensional Entities Capable Of Traveling With Light, New Theory Suggests

Collins says that UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena have a very simple explanation. During his research, he realized that something was eluding current human perception, that is, UFOs are not physical spaceships. There is something more complex.

U.S Navy Video Showing A UFO “diving” Under The Water Off California Has Been Published 

Filmed by the USS Omaha Combat Information Center (CIC) on July 15, 2019, the video shows a black spherical object moving across the sky.

Scientists Claim: Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Is Habitable.

For a long time it was not clear what these bursts were. NASA specialists were the first to clarify. The collected data testified: jets of water. And salty. They are not formed when ice turns into steam. Their source is liquid water.

Recording Of A Jailєd Alien Being Inside A Secret Base In Brazil(Video)

The next movie will show you a top-secret location with several rooms belonging to the Brazilian army. Extraterrestrials are kept alive, according to many sources. Despite the…

‘Aliens Are Studying Us’ -Head of The Russian Research Space Agency

Astronomers have said for many years that extraterrestrial evidence has never been found… However, this appears to be a lie. Or at least that’s what the head…