Tһe ѕtoгу of tһe аɩіeп eпсoᴜпteг: Tһe аɩіeп wаѕ саᴜɡһt Ьу tһe Jарапeѕe ‘іп tһe dᴜmр’ – Icestech

Tһe ѕtoгу of tһe аɩіeп eпсoᴜпteг: Tһe аɩіeп wаѕ саᴜɡһt Ьу tһe Jарапeѕe ‘іп tһe dᴜmр’

Strange encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and mystery passengers occur all over the world, but the мคjority of accounts come from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other European countries.

As a result, the narrative of encountering aliens in Japan has piqued the public’s interest in uƒσs.

A video showing ten white circular balls flying across the sky in Osaka , Japan. The two-minute long video shows mysterious kinds of objects moving in the sky, followed by a dance like pattern. The poor quality of the footage has created a speculation of the objects being UFO.

Giichi Shiota, a citizen of Kawanoe City on Shikoku Island, Japan, was standing at a city landfill on the night of мคrch 24, 1975, when he noticed something peculiar.

A bright doll-like figure  in a metal outfit floated around two meters above the ground, Shiota describing it as an ‘alien astronaut.’ This entity was about 1.8m high and then gently lowered its height, while about 30cm away from the ground, towards the Shiota.

Shiota, still in amazement and panic, developed an uncomfortably severe headache and had to leave immediately.

Shiota decided to return to the location where he had an unusual encounter the next day, out of curiosity. He spent a week bringing three cameras to the landfill, hoping to see the odd creature again.

His perseverance paid off on мคrch 31. He realized he wasn’t alone in the dark when he got a famił¡คя headache. He noticed a blue light floating roughly 9 meters above the ground, which he described as a serious ‘electrical disruption.’ He observed a humanoid monster eмεяgε in the centre of this light when he looked intently through the dim darkness. It approached him once more. Shiota raised the camera to catch a glimpse of this odd creature. The odd creature turned quickly and รuddεหly vanished into space, as if they realized they were being photographed.

UFOs hovering over this stadium in Japan – Oneindia News.

What did Shiota мคnage to get his hands on? In truth, his photographs convey nothing; they are merely ghosts, and their validity remains a question мคrk.

Is this, then, a ruse? мคny individuals do not believe this. Because of a bizarre encounter a month before.

Aliens and two boys

On the afternoon of February 23, 1975, мคsato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata, both 7 years old, were rollerblading in the city of Kofu, Yamanashi county, when they noticed two bright orange glows emitting a weird ‘ticking sound’.

One stream went toward a distant mountain range, while the other light began to drop on the vineyard behind an abandoned piece of land, much to the delight of the two children. This item was characterized as an arch-shaped disk with a diameter of around 4.5 meters and a height of 2 meters, standing solidly on three ball-shaped feet.

In 1975, two 7-year old boys had a face to face encounter with a pair of “fanged” humanoids, which would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

The weird object has a metallic look and appears to have inscriptions. At close range, the ticking sound of this device can be clearly heard.

The entrance of the flying thing opened when the boys were surprised, a ladder lowered to the ground, and a weird creature, about 1.2m tall and clad in silver shimmering attire, walked down.

His skin was dark brown and wrinkled to the point where they couldn’t recognize his face; all he could see were his pointed ears and two silver fangs about 5cm long protruding from the fold at the mouth. A contraption that appears like a gun is held in the creature’s hand.

Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata.

Another creature sat in the flying contraption, ostensibly tinkering with the instrument panel. These creatures appear to be unconcerned by the two boys who were standing there perplexed; instead, they appear to be focused on the surrounding countryside.

The weird creature approached Yamahata a second later, apparently feeling the presence of two boys, and patted him on the shoulders twice, forcing him to fall to the ground and become immobilized. In a frenzy, Kawano hurriedly loaded his friend onto his back and rushed away from the scene.

Kawano and Yamahata reported that the first creature was long-armed, almost 4-feet tall and was clad in a “glowing” or reflective silver uniform.

Yamahata awoke as soon as he got home. Both informed their parents about the incident. The parents unwillingly followed the two children to the clearing, where they witnessed the weird orange light rise and then vanish.

What’s the message in your head?

Another encounter occurred a few years later. This time in the รคყaмค city area. Hideichi Amano, 29, went up on a hill overlooking the city on the night of October 3, 1978, to try out some shortwave radio equipment. His little sister was waiting in the car, so he didn’t stay long.

When Amano got in the automobile, however, something uหεxpεcтεd happened: the interior was รuddεหly filled with blinding light. When he returned his gaze to his 2-year-old sister, he noticed her with swollen and foamy lips. An orange light εxpłσdεd from the darkness, feeling sick to the stomach and unsure what to do Amano passed out.

Five UFOs spotted above nuclear power plant in Fukushima in 2019.

He awoke after feeling something pressed against the sides of his head  to discover a humanoid monster with a round head, no neck, and bright blue eyes standing holding  a pipe-like contraption.

The monster utilized this apparatus to emit ‘high-pitched noises similar to voices’ that seemed to pierce right into his consciousness.

Amano panicked and tried to start the car, but it wouldn’t start; his battery seems dεคd. It was as if a voice was speaking to him, but he couldn’t understand what it was รคყing. The odd entity retracted the device and vanished into the darkness; this occurrence lasted roughly 5 minutes.

Stone alien Yitan in UFO-no-Sat in Japan.

After a brief pause, the automobile started and  as though nothing had occurred to Amano’s younger sister, she awoke.

Amano walked to the police station to report the incident. His headache for days after this incident. Strangely, Amano insists that something was implanted in his head that has an impact on his мεหtal ability today.

Cases like these are frequently labeled as strange, and need answers from researchers. They’re some of the oddest things in the country of the rising sun.

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