Sweet Goose Becomes The Nanny Of her Best Friend’s Puppies

Most of us have the impression that different animals can’t co-exist.

We think it is impossible to have a dog and a cat or a cat and a guinea pig inside the same house. Some people would wonder if they don’t attack each other. The thing is, they don’t. Well, most of them, anyway.

When they get used to each other, they may become best friends.

After all, these animals are highly trainable. You simply must know which animals and specific breeds can co-exist with other animals, and you’ll find yourself a harmonious home with all your pets.

And while dog and cats are the usual pairings, this dog-goose tandem is a sight to see.


This fur-parent posts video of her cute pets on a Chinese social media app called Kuaishou – a counterpart of TikTok. Her unlikely tandem of pets instantly made her videos viral. People also followed the journey of these two.

It started when she took home a baby goose.


Her white floof of a dog was constantly keeping watch over her new best friend. As the goose grew up, they started to share things and food! It’s adorable how she allowed her goose sister to drink and eat from her bowl. In return, she also got to eat her veggies.

The two grew up and had the most loving relationship.


They play around and goof around each other. This silly goose also knew how to tease the dog, and she never thought twice of chasing after her. They shared swims in their mini pool, too.

But the most heartwarming thing people saw from these two was when the dog gave birth.

She had six puppies, and the goose – now all grown-up – was the best support system any dog could ever have. One of the people commented that she has become their “fairy goose-mother.” That’s some witty name right there!

She was a little shy around them at first.


The first few times, she tried to smell them and tried to get familiar with their presence. She was probably concerned that the mama dog wasn’t playing her that much anymore. Through time, she learned that she could take care of the puppies.

The goose watched over the newborn puppies as they nursed or slept.

She peeked at the little ones from time to time, visited their cage where they slept at night, and kissed (pecked) them good night.

There were also times when she got in the cage with them.


She would tiptoe around the cage and make sure she didn’t step on any of them. Of course, her playful nature sometimes came out when she pushed a toy at them. Sadly, the puppies weren’t big enough to play with her yet.

This dog-goose pair is truly an unlikely pet tandem, but it worked.

These two proved that animals could get to know and understand each other and speak a language they only know. It is inspiring to see them co-exist and form an extraordinary bond.

Soure: https://kingdomstv.com

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