What Happens When Stupid Python Tried To Swallow Hedgehog and Get Injured?

Hedgehogs are often considered to be a weak animal, but they are not an easy prey for pythons. In fact, pythons rarely prey on injured hedgehogs in the animal world.

This is because the hard feathers of the hedgehog can cause severe and painful injuries to the python. The way pythons prey and eat in the animal world also plays a significant role in this.

Terribly Injured Giant Python After Trying To Swallow A Hedgehog - YouTubePythons usually approach their prey quietly and then suddenly attack, using their big mouth to bite the deadly part of the prey. They then entangle the prey’s body to tighten it until it dies.

Therefore, if snakes want to attack an injured hedgehog, the first attack is crucial. If they can kill the hedgehog with a single blow, they may be able to successfully hunt it.

However, if the injured hedgehog has not died, it will quickly shrink into a ball, making it difficult for the python to find the part where it wants to bite. Moreover, the dense thorns of the hedgehog can cause severe injuries to the python’s body.

Interestingly, despite being injured, lions still like to attack hedgehogs. Scientists have studied the relationship between injured hedgehogs and lions to have a clearer view of the laws of evolution.

The lion is a superior mammal, a fierce hunter, and has few enemies. However, much smaller injured hedgehogs can give a big advantage over the so-called “king of the jungle.”

In conclusion, the hard feathers and dense thorns of the hedgehog make it a challenging prey for pythons and lions. The way these predators prey and eat in the animal world also plays a significant role in their ability to hunt hedgehogs.

Studying the relationship between predators and prey can provide valuable insights into the laws of evolution and the survival strategies of different species in the animal world.

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