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Strange Vinca Figurines from 5,000 Years Ago Could Be Proof of Extraterrestrial Influence

The Vica-Turdas civilisation dates back between 4700 and 5300 years, according to carbon dating of the excavated artifacts.

The ability to forge copper is what is most amazing.

I firmly believe in the Ancient Astronaut Theory. According to all the evidence, this ancient civilization, like the other prehistoric civilizations, received assistance from a more advanced civilization. It may have even been more than one friendly alien species.

Nearly 2000 miniature statues and figurines that resemble the little gray aliens were uncovered during excavations at an archeological site outside of Belgrad, Serbia’s capital.

These figures’ faces are triangular in shape, with almond eyes, little mouths, and noses. These sculptures frequently feature strange half-human, half-reptile hybrids, and a few even feature anthropomorphic grasshoppers.

The world’s first alphabet, developed by Vinca, was based on syllables and linear writing, much like the alphabet and writing used today. As is well known, this is a sign of an advanced civilization.

Another hypothesis I have is that some of these ancient cultures were influenced by future humans who traveled back in time. As we all know, there are no physical laws that forbid time travel, and recently, some scientists made important strides in creating a mathematical and physical model of time travel.

Time travel mathematical formulae are already well known. I believe that in the future, mankind has suffered a disaster of some kind, either an environmental disaster or an apocalyptic war, or something else, which has forced them to come back in time and help some of these primitive civilizations.

Look at these Vica figurines and notice how odd they are, as well as how they resemble the figures of some aliens found in all ancient cultures.

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