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So Lo Pun– The Mysterious Village in Hong Kong’s North East, Where All of The Villagers Vanished One Night

So Lo Pun – An abandoned village at the north east of Hong Kong near Lai Chi Wo. It is located deep within the country side, where no transportation is connected to the village, the only way to reach there is on foot.

The village has about 20-30 abundant houses and most of them have broken down. The village is very mysterious since it has a lot of supernatural stories.

Supernatural rumors

During the period of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, a man returned to the village for a festival cerebration and discovered that all of the villagers have disappeared, where all of the dishes prepared for the cerebration are still in tacked at the tables with food and therefore the villagers might have disappeared all of a sudden.

Another rumor was about a hiker was found dead in the village and the dead body was in kneeing position with painful facial expression.

The name “So Lo Pun” in Chinese meaning is “Locks the compress” which some of the hikers were reported that their compress was malfunctioned at the village. And therefore the location was named as “So Lo Pun.

To get to the Wu Kau Tang Village, you need to take the Green mini bus 20R from the Tai Po Market East Rail Station. Due to the long distance of the route, make sure that the trip starts as early as possible, took me about 8 hours for the entire trip.

From Wu Kau Tang Village to Sam A Tsuen was pretty easy, the difficult part is when encounter high tide period during the day, there is a section of the route on the way to Sam A Tsuen which requires to take off the shoes and cross a river, because of the high tide.

Once you reach Sam A Tsuen, there is a local restaurant to serve food and drink which you could take a break there. After Sam A Tsuen, the path to Lai Chi Wo is even easier to walk with mostly concrete floor.

At Lai Chi Wo, you could take a break and see the monuments. After Lai Chi Wo, you have to prepare for a difficult walk on continuously uphill and down on irregular rocky road.

After an hour of walk, you could have reached So Lo Pun. Based on my experience, the first impression of the village is very different from previous check points. It is very quiet there and damp. The place is so quiet which you could feel that no one has came for a long while. The scary thing is some noise like boar grunt.

The place is really strange, even though the houses there are completely broken without roof, outside of every door, there are 3 red banners with writing on it and they look completely fresh.


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