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10 Most Dangerous Snake Attacks in The Amazon Jungle

From a caiman trapping a poor girl in its jaws to a boat capsizing with a mysterious monster attacking everyone under the water, here are 10 of the wildest attacks from the Amazon jungle!

10 Most Dangerous Attacks In The Amazon Jungle - YouTube

10: The Deadly Caiman Believe it or not, the black caiman is often considered to be the deadliest of all the predators in South America, responsible for more attacks on humans than bull sharks, anacondas, or even jaguars. Black caimans are huge, and there are at least six species of them living throughout Brazil.

9: Bitten on Purpose Coyote Peterson is one of the most insane wildlife experts in the world! Just last year this guy went into the Amazon jungle and was deliberately attacked by bullet ants! In case you don’t already know, bullet ants have the most painful sting out of any insect in the world, delivering excruciating pain that lasts up to 24 hours.

8: Flesh-Eating Piranhas At least 70 people were brutally injured during a horrific piranha attack in a river in Argentina back in 2013, forever dispelling the theory that piranhas aren’t dangerous. Piranhas are in fact very dangerous animals and are capable of taking down huge groups of people with their vampire-like teeth.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Attacks in the Amazon Jungle (Part 2) - YouTube7: Savage Shark Attack Not all of the worst animal attacks happen in the Brazilian rainforest. Some of them also occur off the coast of Brazil, like the recent horrifying incident when a tiger shark attacked an 18-year-old kid by ripping off his leg and his private parts! Ouch! This was one of the most brutal shark attacks in recent memory, and the poor kid actually passed away because of his grave injuries.

6: Anaconda Terrorizers While trying to capture an anaconda in the jungles of Venezuela, a team of scientists came under attack! The enormous snake did not appreciate the scientists trying to pull it out of the river, where it had just been minding its own business. The snake didn’t attack them while they were on their boat, but it definitely did some damage when the three scientists waded into the water and grabbed ahold of it.

5: Deadly Arrows The most dangerous animal living in the Amazon jungle is actually the human being. Back in 2020, the BBC reported the tragic killing of a Brazilian official who had stumbled upon a secluded indigenous tribe deep in the dense jungles of Brazil and ended up being murdered by a hail of arrows!

The Most Dangerous Animals Of The Amazon Rainforest - WorldAtlas

4: Saved by Monkeys A Chilean tourist named Maykool Coroseo Acuna recently went camping in Bolivia, only to spend 9 days lost and starving in the Amazon rainforest in what became one of the most incredible survival stories of the century. This guy went out from his tent at night and got lost, and then spent nine long days being bitten and attacked by insects that poisoned his mind with their venom!

3: Venomous Snakes Ed Stafford, a former British Army Officer and experienced explorer, became the first person ever to walk the full length of the Amazon River back in 2010, and according to the man himself, he encountered at least 400 snakes and lived to tell the tale. He has a show on Discovery channel called “Left For Dead” where he is dropped in dangerous locations and has to survive!!

2: Deadly Amazon Fish Attack In 1981, one of the worst maritime disasters unfolded in the history of the Amazon, resulting in a tremendous loss of life when a riverboat named the Sobral Santos II capsized and a mysterious monster attacked and killed an estimated 320 people in the water. Nobody ever identified the beast responsible for this attack, until extreme angler Jeremy Wade from the hit show River Monsters went into the jungle to investigate.

1: Jaguar Encounter Jaguars tend to be extremely elusive animals. Almost nobody actually gets attacked by a jaguar in the Amazon forest. These animals are too big, too stealthy, and too smart to go anywhere near humans. And yet when Yossi Ghinsberg got trapped for three weeks in the Amazon jungle back in 1981, he came face to face with this legendary jungle cat.

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