The SMALLEST SNAKES In The World 🕵️🐍

If this image comes to your mind when you think of snakes, then you’d better forget about that because now you’re going to see such small snakes that you might mistake them for worms.

The SMALLEST SNAKES In The World 🕵️🐍 - YouTube

Two-striped garter snake When it comes to small snakes, I can’t fail to mention the two-striped garter snake.

This reptile lives in western North America and some of Mexico Rosy boa I know that when you hear the word “Boa” the first thing that comes to your mind is … (CLIP) but don’t get alarmed, the rosy boa isn’t even half as large as that boa constrictor.

Ribbon snake I’m sure you must’ve run into this little friend over here or at least you’ve seen it somewhere. The ribbon snake is one of the most common slithering reptiles to find if you’re near a lake or stream.

Top 10 Smallest Snakes in the World - AZ Animals

Scarlet kingsnake Easy, guys, that’s not a coral snake but a harmless scarlet kingsnake. I know, they do look alike, right? That’s why it was used for the movie, Snakes on a Plane! Butler’s garter snake The next one in this top ten is a hard-to-find snake in nature, that’s not only because of its tiny size but also because of its small population, there are only a few of them left.

Smooth green snake If you’re one of those who are afraid of snakes, maybe you change your mind when I show you this small and friendly friend.

Northwestern garter snake Yep, another garter snake in this top ten, it’s just that they’re truly small! As its name suggests, the northwestern garter snake lives in some states of the United States and Canada where you’ll find it…

What are the smallest snakes on earth? - Quora

Short-head garter snake All right, I must admit that all garter snakes are not that large but this species does get the prize for the smallest one. Ring-neck snake.

Do you want to see a snake as small as it is tender? Who said these reptiles can’t be adorable. The ring-neck snake is named after the elegant band around its neck and, as you have already noticed… Barbados thread snake.

And the undeniable winner for the smallest snake ever seen on Earth is the Barbados thread snake. As its name suggests, this so much small reptile lives on the Caribbean island of Barbados…

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