Rescue The Smallest Kitten In The World And Building A House For Cat

Introducing the worlds smallest wildcat. This spicy little kitten weighs only 6 ounces.

This adorable species is known as the rusty-spotted cat and in fact will only reach 3lb in weight when they are fully grown.


Unfortunately he managed to get lost in a field with his brother and needed help getting back to Mom. Luckily help was at hand and the two siblings were rescued.

First of all the rescuers checked to make sure they were both healthy, then they gave them some much-needed food.


They found out that local people had spotted the mother nearby, so they prepared a safe nest for the kittens hoping that their mum would return.

They also set up a night camera so they could see what was happening from afar.


That evening their mother cat heard her babies crying and came running, but she was easily scared away by all the noises of the night.

So the rescuers came back the next day to make sure that the two babies had enough food and water. While the two brothers slept they prepared the area in hope that the mother cat would return that evening.


Fortunately she did, and this time she wasn’t scared away.

Watch the video to see what happened:

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