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Shelter Dogs Comfort Each Other While They Wait for A Home

Agatha and Jukebox, two pit dogs presently residing at the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, Arizona, have discovered the love of their lives in the most unlikely of locations.

Agatha was an owner surrender, and Jukebox was a stray when they arrived at the shelter. But their bond was undeniable as soon as they found each other.

Kristen Hassen-Auerbach, director of animal services, told The Dodo that “often when a mated pair of dogs comes in the shelter, they’ve lived their whole lives together.”

“However, they didn’t know each other with these two.” They met at a playground one day and became inseparable from the moment they laid eyes on one other.”

Both puppies had been having trouble adjusting to life at the shelter, but their budding companionship rapidly alleviated any worry or despair.

“Despite the fact that they are confined, which is quite stressful for most dogs,” Hassen-Auerbach said, “they find so much comfort in one other’s company.”

The two puppies are now housed together in a single kennel, allowing them to spend all of their time together. They don’t value personal space and prefer to snuggle on one cot when it’s time to turn off the lights.

“They have plenty of room to stretch out,” Pima Animal Care Center public information officer Nikki Reck told The Dodo, “but they share that tiny little bed together and that’s how they prefer it.”

Reck shared a photo of the two pups cuddling up together on Facebook, and it quickly went viral. Staff at the shelter are hoping that the attention they’ve received on social media will help them locate Agatha and Jukebox a permanent home – together.

“We don’t usually say, ‘These two must be adopted together,’ because it makes it more difficult for them to find a home,” Reck explained. “But we just can’t bring ourselves to split these two up, so we’re hoping against hope that we can find them a home together because they’re meant to be.”


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